Monday, May 18, 2009

Paying It Forward...(or Backwards) Part 2

Before I get started on this post, I am going to shamelessly ask my readers if they are interested in sponsoring my son in his readathon fundraiser. Basically the kids have to read 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks. Then they get donations (flat fee) and they get to buy brand new books with 50% of the money they raise. The other 50% goes to their teacher to buy new books for their classroom. The budget is bad and no cost of living adjustments this upcoming year so the teachers need all the help they can get. You can email me at I do have a paypal account if that is easier. Just put "fundraiser" or "books" in the subject. to my POST.

I posted awhile back about the PIF phenomenon on Etsy. Well....I've been very lucky to find some really wonderful items via the PIFs and I wanted to pay it back to those great Etsian sellers. These are amazing items that I can't believe went at such a low price. What wonderful people these Etsians are to do such a kind act.

I'm going to start with a really cute jewelry shop that is top notch when is comes to customer service! Like A Rolling Stone on Etsy run by Eryn. I found a great PIF..this necklace called Hurricane with all the lovely purple shells and beads. So, of course I bought it...well Eryn convo'd me right away and told me she had searched all over her house and couldn't find the necklace. She told me either she'd refund me or offer me a similar necklace as a PIF item. She also said that whatever path I chose, if she found the original necklace she'd send it to me. She sent me a photo of this other necklace with rose quartz, amethyst and garnet (the one on the right) and I thought it was very pretty. I decided to go with that one. Eryn also ended up sending me a pair of gorgeous earrings for all my trouble (really it was no trouble at all). And, a couple of weeks later I get another package from Eryn, this one had the Hurricane necklace..finally found. Talk about FANTASTIC customer service. You find these every now and then but they are rare and Eryn's generosity is perhaps even more rare. She's having a special offer right now in her shop where every purchase in May will receive a free pair of earrings (designed based on your order). Plus, she's got several PIFs, very low prices and fair shipping costs. I highly recommend Like a Rolling Stone, great jewelry and great customer care!

This next PIF I got is one that just blew me away with it's quality. This lampwork bead pendant from Fencer Lady. I got it for 20 cents (listing fee on Etsy) plus a low shipping cost. When I got it I couldn't believe that she let this go as a PIF. It's a beautiful piece and the photo doesn't do it much justice. I finally bought myself an antique brass chain to wear it on. It's just an amazing pendant. This could've easily sold for $15 but WOW did I get lucky. Now, not all PIFs are 20 cents plus shipping but you can find a gem of a deal and she's got some gems in her store.
Now, I do recommend that you look carefully when you shop for PIFs. Some people charge a low cost and then jack up the shipping costs to no end. I've seen some beautiful necklaces that I got all excited about for 99 cents but the shipping was $10. And, try not to be greedy in one store....some won't allow you more than one anyway but don't be greedy. And, be sure to pay it forward to someone else who could use a pick me up.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a Note of Thanks

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due and give a huge huge THANKS to all my Indie friends who generously donated prizes for my teachers during teacher appreciation week. The little giveaways I had for them went over BIG and I hope you all get some new business from your new fans!