Friday, March 30, 2007

Enviga: The New Drink You Shouldn't Waste Money On!

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I was really skeptical when this new "tea" drink came out. Enviga! Oooh it sounds so fantastical I wondered what it was all about. Lol. Apparently this new drink by Coca Cola products guarantees that you will actually burn calories by drinking it. How can that be you ask? Well, I thought the same thing and did some reading on it. Apparently you only burn 60-100 calories by drinking 3 CANS of Enviga. That's right you have to drink 3 cans of this stuff to burn between 60-100 calories. How rediculous is that.

On the other hand, I am a tea drinker and I know that Green Tea, which this is made from, is very very good for you. And, this Enviga is supposed to have more ECGC (the powerful antioxidant in Green Tea) than any other "ready to drink Green Tea". Oh and it is a sparkling green tea product to boot. It comes in three flavors: Green tea, peach and berry. My local grocery store had the individual cans on sale for $1 a piece so I bought 2, one in peach and one in berry. I chilled them down in the fridge and then tried the berry. This was the most God awful tasting thing I've had in a very long time. You can taste the Aspartame big time (too bad they didn't use Splenda) and the aftertaste is just gross, nasty and a bunch of other words I just can't say in my blog. All I can say is I'm glad it was only $1 a can and that I only bought 2. The peach flavored one was not any better.
They actually weren't too bad on the first couple of sips but as you keep drinking the flavor just gets worse and worse.
It would be better to just brew your own green tea (and you can buy Green Tea leaves in all sorts of flavors..just see my friends at SBS Teas) and sweeten it to your liking. You can make iced green tea as well or if all you want is the ECGC, there are many supplements on the market.

So, it tastes awful. You have to drink 3 cans a day to burn a maximum of 100 calories (umm like go for a walk around the block) and there's even a lawsuit pending on the claims made about this product (gotta love Wikipedia!). So I higly recommend you avoid this altogether. As I mentioned, if you want Green Tea, see my friend Rachel at She has a great variety of Green Tea and I'm sure you'll find something much better than this garbage being sold in stores.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Got Stained Teeth? Get Sonicare!

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A few months back I got a Sonicare Essence 550 toothbrush as a gift. I will swear forever by this toothbrush. It is a miracle working device! I know they are expensive and range from $80 on up but if you get any stains on your teeth, this is worth the investment.

Ever since my first son was born, I've been getting these nasty stains on my teeth. My dental hygenist told me it was from drinking tea, but I didn't drink it that much (I do now though). My husband drinks coffee everyday and he doesn't get these stains. It looks like I've got food stuck in my teeth when I don't. The only way I could get rid of the stains was to scrape it off with something hard, which as we all know isn't such a bright idea. Whiteners did not work!!!!!! THe only time they came clean was during my 6 month checkup at the dentist. Not so good.

The Sonicare is really my saving grace. Within two uses of this toothbrush my stains were reduced I would say by 80%. I was amazed. Nothing had ever worked for me to get rid of these stains and here is this toothbrush that got rid of most of it after only 2 uses.

My model is really neat, I'm sure though that they all do this.
When you use it for the first time, the brush is set to start at a low level and slowly build you up to the full strength. So for the first 12 uses you slowly get used to the full power of the brush. This is great cause I don't think anyone would want full power if you've never used this before.

The replacement heads are expensive, you're looking at $16 for one or $26 for two but they do last for 6 months. Walmart and Target seem to have the lowest prices in store. Make sure that you send in your product registration card as they send you rebate offers periodically. I just got one recently which was buy 2 (either singly or one double pack) of replacement heads and they send you a third free. Not bad.

And just so you know I had my teeth cleaned by my dentist last month at my checkup and since I've been using the Sonicare already, I have yet to see any stains appear on my teeth. This is a wonderful prouct and I highly recommend it!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pain in the Neck? Try MSM Menthol Cream

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I seem to have been supporting the Icy Hot company for awhile now with my neck pain and my headaches. I've tried the patches which work great but never stay on very well. I've tried the cream which works ok but burns my skin alot of the time. Then my good friend Shannon Foster of Foster's Creations sent me some samples of her MSM Menthol Cream. I've found something that works better than Icy Hot.

For those of your who have never heard of MSM (like me a few weeks ago), MSM is methy sulfonyl methane which has been toted as a very good anti-inflammatory supplement. There are many people who say it works and many who say it doesn't work. Apparently it is available in cream form and pill form. I only know about the cream form.

Anyway, Shannon combines the MSM with emu oil, menthol, peppermint oil and other ingredients to make a pleasant cream that just melts right into your skin. There's no burning like you might get with some other products (hint hint ICY HOT) and you get an almost instant cooling sensation that just helps to melt any minor aches and pains. I use it every night on my neck before I go to bed. It helps immensely as I always have minor neck pain. The scent is very nice, the mix of menthol and peppermint is wonderful and not overpowering like other creams. So, even if you are old and using it, you won't smell old if you know what I mean. It's quite refreshing actually. A note of warning: keep this away from your eyes and your mucous membranes! You will burn your eyes and other parts if you don't listen to me.

Shannon sells her MSM Menthol Cream in two sizes: 2 ounces for $7.50 and 4 ounces for $10.50. A small price to pay for some good smelling relief right. I know a tube of Icy Hot goes for $5 and it burns my skin alot of the time. The Icy Hot patches (which never never stay on) cost $6 for 5 patches. I'd much rather use the MSM cream.

As with any supplemental product: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. Those seeking a specific treatment should consult their physician. If pregnant or nursing please consult your physician

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Book Every Woman Should Have

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I got this book as a Christmas present from my husband. I have to admit when I opened one of my gifts and saw "The Lingerie Handbook", I was insulted. I thought how dare he assume that I, a woman, need a handbook about my underwear!!! Yeah, and then I started reading it and thought wow I didn't know that and wow I've been doing that and not supposed to. Next thing I knew I had read it from cover to cover and found out I did not know anything about Lingerie. It ended up being one of my favorite gifts this past Christmas.

This book is written by Rebecca Aspan who owns the upscale Lingerie store in New York called La Petite Coquette (or The Little Flirt).

Let me tell you her boutique is upscale. I just saw a pair of underwear on clearance for $90 WOW!!! But she has some very very pretty and some very intriguing lingerie for sale.

But, I digress, we're talking about her book.
She devotes specific chapters to specific lingerie. A chapter on bras, a chapter on panties, a chapter on hosiery, a chapter on shapewear etc. And, each chapter gives you alot of great information. You get photos and descriptions of the different styles of bras and panties. I now know what is a demi bra and what is a balconette. There's even "right and wrong" photos to show you how things should and should not look.

I learned, for example, that all these years I've been putting my bras on in the worst possible way. She refers to my style as the "granny style". Where I have it upside down, hook it in the front and then twist it around and then put it on the right way. Well, that's apparently a big NO NO. You're supposed to put the straps on first, lean over a little (so things ahem fall into place shall we say) and reach behind you and hook it. The way I've been doing it is the best way to ruin and destroy your bras.

There's also chapters on how to shop, how to measure yourself for bras and also how to care for your lingerie. She even tells you what you should keep and what you really should be throwing away. I love how she tells me that my underwear should make me feel good about myself. That, you can always have the prettiest stuff on even if no one will be seeing it. She even says to go ahead and buy 7 pairs of red or black panties, nice ones, to use during that time of the month. I never would have thought to wear nice underwear during that but hey what the hell.

This book is a really must have reference book for any and every woman. She doesn't just stick with skinny size "0" people in her photos either. There's all shapes and sizes. I know you'll learn something new from it and you'll even get a few good laughs.
The book is sold at Amazon and other books stores. Amazon is selling it right now for $10.46 (on sale right now). A great book and well worth any price!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Happily Handmade Giveaway..There's Still Time

Just a reminder to my readers.. you still have time to enter the Happily Handmade Giveaway! Deadline to enter is March 31st! You have a chance to win one of 50 fabulous gift baskets full of wonderful handmade items. These gift baskets are valued at over $200 and there is one grand prize basket valued at $500!!!!

So go visit and find out how to enter and win. There is also photos of all the prizes you could win.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rock Candy by Elementals

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Bath Fizzies, bath bombs and bath truffles are the only bath products I can use. Bubble bath gives me issues of which I won't discuss. So, I've been making my way through various fizzie type products and I found one I really like.

Elementals makes a Rock Candy for the bath. Ok, it's really blocks of bath fizzie tablets made to look like rocks. But, that's cool. It comes packaged in a nice mucslin (spelling not so good here) bag and comes with a little scoop and it's own little metal bucket. The cuteness factor is way up on the scale. You probably get about 3-5 baths worth in the package depending on your taste (I prefer alot of fiz in my tub). And for $5 that my friends is a good deal. I've paid almost $5 for one bath bomb alone.

Now, I've been dealing with some serious headaches lately and really was lookin for something that might help me feel better. Especially when I'm in the tub. I searched through her scent list and found some Headache Aromatherapy which uses peppermint and eucalyptus. The Rock Candy is blue and yes your bath water turns blue also. But, it really really helped out and it was great to be able to take a nice relaxing bath and have something there to help with my headaches. This aromatherapy mixture also gives your skin this neat cooling scensation when you get out of the tub.

So, I highly recommend Elementals Rock Candy! You have your choice of scents and there are many. I really like the Headache Aromatherapy and will definitely be back for more!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Blog Address

I've been having alot of problems with my old blog site at Too many times I have not been able to log onto my blog and my readers have not been able to read my new postings. I thought it was a glitch but it's been happening way too often and it's just causing me way too many problems.
So here I am on Blogger and my new blog address is

Thanks for your continued loyalty!!!