Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pain in the Neck? Try MSM Menthol Cream

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I seem to have been supporting the Icy Hot company for awhile now with my neck pain and my headaches. I've tried the patches which work great but never stay on very well. I've tried the cream which works ok but burns my skin alot of the time. Then my good friend Shannon Foster of Foster's Creations sent me some samples of her MSM Menthol Cream. I've found something that works better than Icy Hot.

For those of your who have never heard of MSM (like me a few weeks ago), MSM is methy sulfonyl methane which has been toted as a very good anti-inflammatory supplement. There are many people who say it works and many who say it doesn't work. Apparently it is available in cream form and pill form. I only know about the cream form.

Anyway, Shannon combines the MSM with emu oil, menthol, peppermint oil and other ingredients to make a pleasant cream that just melts right into your skin. There's no burning like you might get with some other products (hint hint ICY HOT) and you get an almost instant cooling sensation that just helps to melt any minor aches and pains. I use it every night on my neck before I go to bed. It helps immensely as I always have minor neck pain. The scent is very nice, the mix of menthol and peppermint is wonderful and not overpowering like other creams. So, even if you are old and using it, you won't smell old if you know what I mean. It's quite refreshing actually. A note of warning: keep this away from your eyes and your mucous membranes! You will burn your eyes and other parts if you don't listen to me.

Shannon sells her MSM Menthol Cream in two sizes: 2 ounces for $7.50 and 4 ounces for $10.50. A small price to pay for some good smelling relief right. I know a tube of Icy Hot goes for $5 and it burns my skin alot of the time. The Icy Hot patches (which never never stay on) cost $6 for 5 patches. I'd much rather use the MSM cream.

As with any supplemental product: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or ailment. Those seeking a specific treatment should consult their physician. If pregnant or nursing please consult your physician

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