Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Got Stained Teeth? Get Sonicare!

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A few months back I got a Sonicare Essence 550 toothbrush as a gift. I will swear forever by this toothbrush. It is a miracle working device! I know they are expensive and range from $80 on up but if you get any stains on your teeth, this is worth the investment.

Ever since my first son was born, I've been getting these nasty stains on my teeth. My dental hygenist told me it was from drinking tea, but I didn't drink it that much (I do now though). My husband drinks coffee everyday and he doesn't get these stains. It looks like I've got food stuck in my teeth when I don't. The only way I could get rid of the stains was to scrape it off with something hard, which as we all know isn't such a bright idea. Whiteners did not work!!!!!! THe only time they came clean was during my 6 month checkup at the dentist. Not so good.

The Sonicare is really my saving grace. Within two uses of this toothbrush my stains were reduced I would say by 80%. I was amazed. Nothing had ever worked for me to get rid of these stains and here is this toothbrush that got rid of most of it after only 2 uses.

My model is really neat, I'm sure though that they all do this.
When you use it for the first time, the brush is set to start at a low level and slowly build you up to the full strength. So for the first 12 uses you slowly get used to the full power of the brush. This is great cause I don't think anyone would want full power if you've never used this before.

The replacement heads are expensive, you're looking at $16 for one or $26 for two but they do last for 6 months. Walmart and Target seem to have the lowest prices in store. Make sure that you send in your product registration card as they send you rebate offers periodically. I just got one recently which was buy 2 (either singly or one double pack) of replacement heads and they send you a third free. Not bad.

And just so you know I had my teeth cleaned by my dentist last month at my checkup and since I've been using the Sonicare already, I have yet to see any stains appear on my teeth. This is a wonderful prouct and I highly recommend it!

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