Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Happy Feet

You all know me and my foot issues. I hate my feet. So, you also know that when I get ahold of a great foot product..I become happy and like my feet. A couple weeks ago, Lisa Brown from Spa Secrets, sent me two of her new foot products. A scrub with Pomegranate oil and a Cuapuacu Butter Foot Cream. I am very happy with the results!

The foot scrub is made from a base of salt instead of sugar. Normally, I'm not all that keen on salt scrubs..usually I've got a hang nail or shaving mishap somewhere and I get all stung up by the salt. For whatever reason, I did not have any problems with the salt. This scrub is loaded with all kinds of nice oils (Pomegranate, jojoba, avacado, shea butter etc). It's got a good grit to it and it has the consistency of wet sand. So even though there's alot of oils in it, you don't get them floating around on top, nor does the scrub feel greasy. It also has a nice rosemary/mint fragrance which is ever popular in foot products. The thing that impressed me was how soft my feet felt afterwards. Now, I'm not talking about feeling with my fingers. When I got out of my shower and walked on my carpet, I said to myself "The carpet has never felt soft before what's going on?"..then I realized wow it's the scrub. I felt like I was walking on silk. Very nice results and good moisture in there even though it's a salt scrub. The scrub will run you $10 for a 4 ounce jar.

I have never heard of Cupuacu Butter before. Here's what it says on the website in regards to Cupuacu butter: "Cupuacu butter adds softness and elasticity to the skin." In addition to the Cupuacu butter there is also mango butter and shea butter. This is a rich, thick foot cream. Which makes me glad because that's what I think a foot cream should be like. It absorbs quickly into the skin and considering how tough the bottoms of my feet are, this is an amazing feat! But, it really does moisturize my feet really well. I've tried other foot lotions and after like a half hour they're dry again. This cream is very long lasting! Again, $10 for a 4 ounce jar...but I just took a peek at Spa Secrets and it says that with a purchase of the Cupuacu Butter Foot Cream you will get a free 4 ounce jar of the Foot Scrub. That is a very good deal.

There's alot of other products on the site and they also sell some other well known Indie products such as KLEAN and Bidwell Botanicals. I highly recommend these two foot products, they really work well and even better when you use them together.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Chunky Butt

Ok, no I am not talking about my own personal butt here! I'm posting about Chunky Butt Candles and their bath/body products..so don't get any ideas buster!

Mandy Garcia, owner of Chunky Butt, asked me to give some of her stuff a go. She sent me a nice variety of her bath & body products.

First off, the Sugar Scrub in Cactus & Sea Salt fragrance. The fragrance on this is very nice. I almost expected some sort of Margarita scent but this is very subtle and nice on the nose. The scrub has a fine grain of sugar which I like and it was good and thick in the jar. Good & thick to me means that I'm not going to watch a bunch of it hit the shower floor before I get it on me. Exfoliation was very good and I would say post scrub moisturizing is moderate. $6.25 for a 4 ounce jar but they are buy one get on FREE during May.

The Body Frosting is a good lotion. It's on par with alot of lotions and creams that are out there as far as moisturizing goes. What really impressed me was how long the fragrance lasted. I had Pink Sugar, which is a favorite of mine, and I could still smell it a few hours after application. I don't think I've had a lotion whose fragrance lasted quite that long. $5.50 for 4 ounces.

Finally, Chunky Butt perfume. I asked for the Bubble Butt fragrance..and not it is not because I have a Bubble Butt. The description says Pink Strawberry Cotton Candy with a hint of Bubblegum. And, that is what it is...although I would say there's a bit more of the bubblegum than just a hint. This is a really cute fragrance that really makes you feel kind of nostalgic. I really like it and of course the name is just great. The perfume is $3.80 for a 10ml roll on.

All in all,Chunky Butt's bath and body line is good. I would like to see some continued tweaking and experimentation to keep improving the products. The Indie bath and body market is getting really competitive as more and more stores seem to come alive. And, although I did not try her melts this go around..I have to post the picture for you..these are adorable.Enjoy!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Tea to KEEP Me Happy

If you're a regular reader then you know that I love my cuppa tea! I grew up with a British Grandmother so I had to love tea regardless :-). So, when someone asks me if I want to try their tea, well I'm not one to refuse tea. So, when Krystyne over at The Ivy Keep asked me I was more than happy to oblige.

I'm really a basic black tea kinda gal. I love my Chai, English Breakfast, etc. I was able to pick some samples from Krystyne's selection and give them a go. My favorites were Earl Grey Creme, Vanilla Sencha (Green tea) and the Monks Blend.

I'm not a huge Green tea fan. I've tried alot of different green blends but nothing that really showed up as something I really liked. Now, the Vanilla Sencha is definitely different. Some major tea makers use artificial flavors in their tea. You can always tell that fake vanilla flavor and thankfully it is real Vanilla in the Ivy Keep blend. The vanilla definitely mellows out that bitter green tea taste (I almost always have to cut green tea w/lemon juice to make it drinkable to me) and makes it smooth and mellow. A nice easy drinking tea with no aftertaste. I didn't even have to add much sugar to it which is also a plus.

Now, Earl Grey Creme, I have tried before from another tea maker so it's nice to compare. Earl Grey Creme is your basic Earl Grey tea but with vanilla and some subtle floral hints to it. It's a little sweeter than regular Earl Grey so there's no need for too much sugar. I actually found Ivy Keep's Earl Grey Creme to be a bit smoother and more natural tasting than others I have tried before. It's very easy on the taste buds.

The Monks Blend I really liked. Monks Blend is basically black tea with vanilla and a bit of Grenadine! Oh, the Monks liked their Grenadine. I've also had a Monk's Blend from another tea maker. I found the Ivy Keep blend to taste more natural. It's got a good strong flavor but not overpowering or artificial. If you want a good, flavorful cup of tea then I recommend Monk's Blend.
I really enjoyed my tea from the Ivy Keep and I hope that they continue to build up their selection of tea. Prices range from $2 for a sample (which will give you one full pot of tea..for someone like me who drinks one cup at a time this is plenty for awhile) to $4.75 (there are many inbetween price ranges). They also sell hot cocoa, lip balms, granola and various Villainess bath & body products. Head on over and take a look. At least try the teas I recommend here!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can You Help a Blogger Out?

While I am busy testing out products for review...maybe you can help me inbetween.

I'm in a contest over at Bathed & Infused called a Time Wasting Contest. We had to alter historical photos to include B&I Products. I have several entries but most have only 1 vote and only 1 has 2. IF you all could help me out and Vote for my entries I would be grateful. Apparently you can vote for 3 at one time and after that no more votes. My screen name over on their forum is twobsmith. My entry that has 2 votes so far is "Cannon Bomb" but I have others.

Here's the forum:


Then scroll down and click "Entertainment" then "Vote Here for the TWC#2" . There's a poll there to vote on, just click the circle and hit submit.

Thanks in advance to my devoted readers :-) !