Monday, May 19, 2008

My Chunky Butt

Ok, no I am not talking about my own personal butt here! I'm posting about Chunky Butt Candles and their bath/body don't get any ideas buster!

Mandy Garcia, owner of Chunky Butt, asked me to give some of her stuff a go. She sent me a nice variety of her bath & body products.

First off, the Sugar Scrub in Cactus & Sea Salt fragrance. The fragrance on this is very nice. I almost expected some sort of Margarita scent but this is very subtle and nice on the nose. The scrub has a fine grain of sugar which I like and it was good and thick in the jar. Good & thick to me means that I'm not going to watch a bunch of it hit the shower floor before I get it on me. Exfoliation was very good and I would say post scrub moisturizing is moderate. $6.25 for a 4 ounce jar but they are buy one get on FREE during May.

The Body Frosting is a good lotion. It's on par with alot of lotions and creams that are out there as far as moisturizing goes. What really impressed me was how long the fragrance lasted. I had Pink Sugar, which is a favorite of mine, and I could still smell it a few hours after application. I don't think I've had a lotion whose fragrance lasted quite that long. $5.50 for 4 ounces.

Finally, Chunky Butt perfume. I asked for the Bubble Butt fragrance..and not it is not because I have a Bubble Butt. The description says Pink Strawberry Cotton Candy with a hint of Bubblegum. And, that is what it is...although I would say there's a bit more of the bubblegum than just a hint. This is a really cute fragrance that really makes you feel kind of nostalgic. I really like it and of course the name is just great. The perfume is $3.80 for a 10ml roll on.

All in all,Chunky Butt's bath and body line is good. I would like to see some continued tweaking and experimentation to keep improving the products. The Indie bath and body market is getting really competitive as more and more stores seem to come alive. And, although I did not try her melts this go around..I have to post the picture for you..these are adorable.Enjoy!

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Ricki said...

I love Chunky Butt's stuff. I am not a huge lotion fan, but I like how their body frosting is not heavy but does a great job moisturizing.