Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can You Help a Blogger Out?

While I am busy testing out products for review...maybe you can help me inbetween.

I'm in a contest over at Bathed & Infused called a Time Wasting Contest. We had to alter historical photos to include B&I Products. I have several entries but most have only 1 vote and only 1 has 2. IF you all could help me out and Vote for my entries I would be grateful. Apparently you can vote for 3 at one time and after that no more votes. My screen name over on their forum is twobsmith. My entry that has 2 votes so far is "Cannon Bomb" but I have others.

Here's the forum:


Then scroll down and click "Entertainment" then "Vote Here for the TWC#2" . There's a poll there to vote on, just click the circle and hit submit.

Thanks in advance to my devoted readers :-) !

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