Friday, May 9, 2008

Tea to KEEP Me Happy

If you're a regular reader then you know that I love my cuppa tea! I grew up with a British Grandmother so I had to love tea regardless :-). So, when someone asks me if I want to try their tea, well I'm not one to refuse tea. So, when Krystyne over at The Ivy Keep asked me I was more than happy to oblige.

I'm really a basic black tea kinda gal. I love my Chai, English Breakfast, etc. I was able to pick some samples from Krystyne's selection and give them a go. My favorites were Earl Grey Creme, Vanilla Sencha (Green tea) and the Monks Blend.

I'm not a huge Green tea fan. I've tried alot of different green blends but nothing that really showed up as something I really liked. Now, the Vanilla Sencha is definitely different. Some major tea makers use artificial flavors in their tea. You can always tell that fake vanilla flavor and thankfully it is real Vanilla in the Ivy Keep blend. The vanilla definitely mellows out that bitter green tea taste (I almost always have to cut green tea w/lemon juice to make it drinkable to me) and makes it smooth and mellow. A nice easy drinking tea with no aftertaste. I didn't even have to add much sugar to it which is also a plus.

Now, Earl Grey Creme, I have tried before from another tea maker so it's nice to compare. Earl Grey Creme is your basic Earl Grey tea but with vanilla and some subtle floral hints to it. It's a little sweeter than regular Earl Grey so there's no need for too much sugar. I actually found Ivy Keep's Earl Grey Creme to be a bit smoother and more natural tasting than others I have tried before. It's very easy on the taste buds.

The Monks Blend I really liked. Monks Blend is basically black tea with vanilla and a bit of Grenadine! Oh, the Monks liked their Grenadine. I've also had a Monk's Blend from another tea maker. I found the Ivy Keep blend to taste more natural. It's got a good strong flavor but not overpowering or artificial. If you want a good, flavorful cup of tea then I recommend Monk's Blend.
I really enjoyed my tea from the Ivy Keep and I hope that they continue to build up their selection of tea. Prices range from $2 for a sample (which will give you one full pot of tea..for someone like me who drinks one cup at a time this is plenty for awhile) to $4.75 (there are many inbetween price ranges). They also sell hot cocoa, lip balms, granola and various Villainess bath & body products. Head on over and take a look. At least try the teas I recommend here!

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