Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Happy Feet

You all know me and my foot issues. I hate my feet. So, you also know that when I get ahold of a great foot product..I become happy and like my feet. A couple weeks ago, Lisa Brown from Spa Secrets, sent me two of her new foot products. A scrub with Pomegranate oil and a Cuapuacu Butter Foot Cream. I am very happy with the results!

The foot scrub is made from a base of salt instead of sugar. Normally, I'm not all that keen on salt scrubs..usually I've got a hang nail or shaving mishap somewhere and I get all stung up by the salt. For whatever reason, I did not have any problems with the salt. This scrub is loaded with all kinds of nice oils (Pomegranate, jojoba, avacado, shea butter etc). It's got a good grit to it and it has the consistency of wet sand. So even though there's alot of oils in it, you don't get them floating around on top, nor does the scrub feel greasy. It also has a nice rosemary/mint fragrance which is ever popular in foot products. The thing that impressed me was how soft my feet felt afterwards. Now, I'm not talking about feeling with my fingers. When I got out of my shower and walked on my carpet, I said to myself "The carpet has never felt soft before what's going on?"..then I realized wow it's the scrub. I felt like I was walking on silk. Very nice results and good moisture in there even though it's a salt scrub. The scrub will run you $10 for a 4 ounce jar.

I have never heard of Cupuacu Butter before. Here's what it says on the website in regards to Cupuacu butter: "Cupuacu butter adds softness and elasticity to the skin." In addition to the Cupuacu butter there is also mango butter and shea butter. This is a rich, thick foot cream. Which makes me glad because that's what I think a foot cream should be like. It absorbs quickly into the skin and considering how tough the bottoms of my feet are, this is an amazing feat! But, it really does moisturize my feet really well. I've tried other foot lotions and after like a half hour they're dry again. This cream is very long lasting! Again, $10 for a 4 ounce jar...but I just took a peek at Spa Secrets and it says that with a purchase of the Cupuacu Butter Foot Cream you will get a free 4 ounce jar of the Foot Scrub. That is a very good deal.

There's alot of other products on the site and they also sell some other well known Indie products such as KLEAN and Bidwell Botanicals. I highly recommend these two foot products, they really work well and even better when you use them together.

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