Sunday, December 13, 2009

Now Showing....Cool Jewelry!

Lately I've been finding some good marketing ideas from new Indie etailers I've come across on Etsy. It's cool to see how some of these stores are making products with unique ideas and concepts. This time it's jewelry from Now Showing Studios on Etsy. Melanie, the genius behind the designs, has taken the idea of movies and combined it with jewelry to create a really cool product. She's taken snippets from DVD movie rental cards (the ones that are behind the cases when they get rented out) and transforms them into some really neat pieces.

She has them separated by genre in her shop. Like Anime, horror, Cartoon, Sci Fi etc and you can find necklaces, earrings and bracelets. She adds coordinating beads and things to make the pieces even more one of a kind. Especially the necklaces.

This is the necklace I picked out and in case you can't figure out the snippet, it's from the Power Puff Girls. I just thought it was cool :-). I like how she uses bits and pieces so you have to sometimes think to figure out what movie it's from. Some are kind of obvious like the one below...and if you can't figure out what movie it is I can't help you.

I also was lucky enough to get a pair of earrings and some of her bracelets. The bracelets I got are memories gone wild for me...she uses those black rubber bracelets that I had a ton of in the them! And the earrings I got were from a Hello Kitty movie...each one is a side of her whiskered head :-).
There are just so many jewelry stores on Etsy now and it's almost mandatory that you come up with your own unique ideas to help you stand out from the crowd. I like what Melanie has done with this store. It's very unique and it's a clever idea. The pieces range from $15 to $30 and if you have a movie buff to buy for this Christmas, this might be that unique gift you're looking for! You can click the links in this post or just click on the Now Showing banner in my Shop Shop Shop section and you'll be taken straight there. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dress Me Green

Sometimes, finding a really good organic or all natural product can be difficult. And, people need to know that using natural facial care products will not produce immediate effects like those chemistry lab produced stuff. So, you need to use them for awhile before you will see and feel the results. That's why this post has been so long in coming because I've been using Dress Green's products for a few months now.

First I tried the Pure Hydration facial cream as I always need a good rich moisturizer. And, this is definitely a good rich moisturizer. It has definitely helped my skin from getting more dehydrated and dried out due to all the weather ups and downs the past few months. It's got alot of good stuff in it like White Tea, Irish Moss, shea butter, pomegranate and evening primrose oil. The fragrance is light if at all. You won't notice anything overbearing in smell. It's good and thick but goes on smooth and easy with a good absorption rate. My face didn't feel heavy or greasy, just smooth and hydrated. It's $8 for a 2 ounce jar but that jar lasted me a good month or so. Compared to some of the other things out there, this was a good price and a good product.

After I finished that jar, I gave the Calming and Clarifying face cream a shot. At the time I bought it, my skin was acting up...breaking out etc so I thought this would be a good time to try this one. Again, a good thick moisturizer. It's not heavy or greasy and no overbearing fragrance. This one has even more goodies in it including apricot seed oil, cocoa butter, tea tree oil, clary sage, licorice root extract (which is also in my Avon product that helps reduce my dark spots), green tea, and Goji Berry. There's alot more in there but you can go to Dress Greens's store and read it for yourself. The price is the same, $8 for a 2 ounce jar and I still have plenty left and I bought it back in October.

Dress Green has other products I've yet to try like perfumes, body lotion and scrubs but from what I have seen with these two products I have tried, I like what I see. The quality for the price is fantastic. Can't go wrong here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beauty and the Book

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a avid book reader. None of the insane people in my house seem to understand that I'd rather read a good book than have their company (just kidding of course). Since I love books so much it's simple to figure out why I am a fan of Latherati Soap. Julie, the (I want to say "Librarian") owner of Latherati Soap combines the love of bath with the love of a good book. Every item she sells is inspired by a good book.

Since Latherati Soap is a fairly new shop, the line is still growing. Soaps dominate the selection but there are also lip balms as well as perfumes and sugar scrubs. I love the book connection, I think it's one of the cleverest ideas I've seen on Etsy in awhile (in the Bath & Body category). The labels remind me of those old book plates my parents used to use, you know the ones that announce that this book is part of the Library of.... If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you're too young, don't worry about it. Just understand that the packaging is cool ok.

I had gotten a soap called "Orchard", which (as it says on the site and label) is inspired by "Cider House Rules." There are other clever names like "Golden Ticket" and "Kimono" (if you don't know what books inspired these then you need to go to the library stat). It's obvious that alot of thought went into the creation of Latherati.

"Orchard" as you can see from the photo, reminds you of a fall apple orchard in its coloration. It smells like clean crisp apples but not overbearing and not perfumey like some can be. This is just straight good old apple. This soap lathers up quickly and very well. I've tried some soaps that don't seem to lather much as all but not Latherati soaps. It lathers well and rinses very clean. No sticky or dull residue on the skin. We like that in our soaps people. $5 per bar.

I also have one of the lip balms (called Lip Lusters here) called "Matchmaker", inspired by "Emma.". It's a strawberry flavor which is very true to what you expect in a strawberry. Not overly sweet but just right on the money. The balm holds up very well in either warm or cold temperatures. I like it when it doesn't get all melted in my pocket. And, I like it when it doesn't get all hard or gritty from being outside in the cold. All in all a very good lip balm. $3.50 per tube and comes in plenty of other flavors.

So, all in all, I like Latherati Soap. ! The prices are on par with most other beauty makers I've seen. I love the themes and hope to see much more in the future. Come on Julie, you need some stuff inspired by "Tales From Margaritaville" and "Interview with the Vampire." :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Avon to the Rescue

I am sooo sorry to have been so far behind on my posts. I've been trying to get alot of things wrapped up (passing on the PTO torch) that I kept forgetting. Plus, I've been working on Rare Bird Finds and here's the link to my picks: alot of you know from past reviews, I have hyperpigmentation on my face. For those of you who don't know what that is, hyperpigmentation is the result of overproductive melanin producing skin cells. Basically dark spots. Mostly caused by sun damage and hormones during pregnancy. I've had mine for a long time and have tried a bunch of different products as well as a specific facial treatment monthly at my spa.

A couple of months ago my skin specialist as the spa mentioned that one of her co-workers, who also has some dark spots, tried this new Avon product and it worked for her. At this point, I'll try anything to get rid of these things.

The product is called Anew Alternative Photo Radiance Treatment. Just about every review on this product gave it 5 stars. So, of course I bought some. A 1 ounce tube will run you $25, but my friends, it is worth every penny. I've been using it for about a month (almost done with my first tube) and it has dramatically lightened up my spots. Now, the spots are not all the way gone but they are well on their way. I would say they are about 40-50% lightened and for me that is saying alot. Since I've had my spots for years, they will take longer to fade away. So, if you've had spots for years, do not expect fast results with any product, even this one. But after all these years and all those products, I finally found one that works and works well.
The instructions say to use it in the AM but I use it both in the morning and at night. It's simple to use and also has an SPF 15.
Avon has never disappointed me. Every product I've ever used has been great. I've praised their mascaras in the past (the best out there trust me) and I praise their Anew line now. I'm so happy that they came up with this product because it truly has been the only thing that has worked to lighten up my spots.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little More Salt Please

You all know that I can't deal with bubble bath and basically use bath salts exclusively. I found another great bath and body shop on Etsy and just love the bath salts she sells.

I've been buying all my bath salts lately from KimberQuinn on Etsy. Not only are they top quality, but the price is very nice too! There are many pleasing fragrances to choose from in her store and I favor the Pink Romance and the Amber, Vanilla Sandalwood scents. The salts themselves are all the good kinds you expect from a top quality products (like those expensive ones in Target) like Dead Sea Salts and Mineral Salts. Even though they are pretty chunky, the salts dissolve very quickly in the bath. There is coloring in these, but not enough to color your water which is just what I like.

Remember, bath salts help your body let loose some of those toxins and helps to relax your muscles. I thoroughly enjoy a good soak in a good warm bath with my bath salts. KimberQuinn's are some of the best I've come across, on Etsy or even in the retail stores. I don't know if she plans on continuing the sale, but right now , like today, you can get a 4 oz. bag for $2.95..regularly $4.95. I just bought 3 bags the other day..I think I've already used 2 lol. You know me, quality is number one and price is number 2. These salts are very good quality and I think you will agree.

Oh, if you are curious as to why I can handle bubble bath anymore, feel free to email me or comment here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Give Me the Eye

Awhile back, I won a lil scavenger hunt type contest from the Muddy Muse on Etsy. The prize was $10 to spend in their shop. They make all kinds of clay goodies from magnets to dishes. They have a kind of rustic style that still brings a modern flair with it. I probably shopped the store every day looking at all the items $10 and under. But, I always came back to one particular item that was more than $10. So, I asked if I could use my prize towards the cost and they said ok.

Now, I have my beautiful Eyeball mug! This is a huge mug by the holds like 18-20 ounces of beverage of choice is, of course, tea. This is the mug I use when I really need the caffeine, when I use 2-3 tea bags to make my morning brew. My eye watches over me! Eye need my tea!

Ok, I'm starting to get kooky. Anyway, the mugs are extremely well crafted. They are, according to the shop, microwave and dishwasher safe but I still hand wash mine. You can get your Eyeball in any color you choose. Mine is blue. The best thing is your Eye never needs Visine!

I recently featured my Eyeball Mug on Rare Bird Finds as well. I like the craftsmanship and the quality of their work. This is a very strong and durable piece of pottery. Plus, you get a nice little Java magnet with your purchase, I just love the lil extras :-). You can get your custom Eyeball mug for $25 at the Muddy Muse.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm A Rare Bird

I am so thrilled! I am now a contributor on Rare Bird Finds! For those of you who don't know what it is, Rare Bird Finds is a blog where we find all of the unique and rare items that are available on the net. I've been a fan/reader for years and I'm honored to now be a part of it. I will, of course, still be writing reviews here on POD but just wanted to send the word out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

WARNING: Embarrassing Post Ahead

Yes, this is my most embarrassing post ever. I'm sharing things here that I normally would NEVER write about but, if it helps someone else then I've done my job. So, here goes...

I have had hemmorhoids for years..there you have it. Pregnancy and bad childhood eating caused it and it sucks. It's sucked for years! I've got interior and exterior ones. For years I have tried all kinds of crap from over the counter Preperation H to prescription suppositories. Let me tell you that any of the over the counter crap does not work!!! The prescription suppositories work but they contain cortisone which is not good for long term use. They would work for awhile but eventually the pain and the lovely itching always cam back.

So about a year ago I just searched online for hemmerhoid products and of course, got a bunch of questionable sites. I looked at several and decided what the hell I might as well give one a try. Can't be any worse that what I'm already going through right? I went ahead and ordered from Neo-Healer. I ordered the combo which has the ointment and a box of 10 suppositories which cost me $39.95 plus shipping.

I got my order about a week later and found the product was made in Jordan. Hmmm...did I make a mistake. Believe it or not, NO I did not make a mistake. This stuff really works. Go figure, a questionable product that works. I used both the ointment and the suppositories and after 10 days, gone gone gone. Once in awhile I'll have a minor flare-up, but I just put a lil ointment on it and within hours no more problems. I have been truly amazed. And, with the ointment, a little goes a long way...I've had my tube for a very long time and still am not even halfway thru it.

Here are the ingredients straight from the website, all herbal I might add:

"Lupinus Albus - The essential oil extract from Lupin (Alpha-Lupaline) has been shown to be 10,000 more potent than vitamin E, 5000 times more potent than vitamin C. This is used to support the activity of skin repair enzyme to aid in skin healing and recovery.Vateria Indica - A bitter resin from the piney tree which is traditionally used in ayurvedic prescriptions in India for centuries to heal hemorrhoids. It helps exerts anti inflammatory action and hasten up healing.Mentha Piperita - Also know as peppermint, this is a herb with downy leaves and small purple or white flowers that yields a pungent oil used as a flavoring. Use for hemorrhoids pain relief and to reduce itching.Aloe Vera - Contains gibberlin and polysaccharides, which effectively decrease inflammation and promote healing."

It works for all kinds of hemmorhoids, including bleeding ones (which I used to get alot). And, the peppermint makes you all minty fresh lol. Yes I know, TMI Jen, TMI.

All kidding aside folks, this product actually works. I would never recommend anything that did not work for me and Neo-Healer, does. I'm happy to have finally found something that works and like I said I haven't had any problems in over a year (other than one or two minor flare ups but I treatd them and they were gone within hours). I HIGHLY recommend this product!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Finding unique and orignal jewelry designs can be hard or it can be easy. Etsy, as you know, is my top top choice for finding one of a kind or at the least, very original pieces. Sometimes, I find a shop that has designs that really do stand out from the crowd. Serrelynda is such a shop.

Serrelynda's designs incorporate unique antique and vintage findings with bronze, oxidized brass and oxidized silver. Most of these pieces are things I have never seen before. The bracelets and necklaces are extremely unique and no two are the same. To me, it's the vintage bits and pieces she uses that make all the difference. Plus, her profile says shes a stay-at-home-mom with a 4 year old...just like yours truly...except I can't come up with jewelry like this :-)

This bracelet is perhaps one of my favorites from her shop. This Cloisonne (I love Cloisonne) Moon and Star Filligree bracelet, has really antique Cloisonne from Baghdad marked with the year 1937. I have alot of Chinese cloisonne in my home (from my mother) but this is not your run of the mill/dime a dozen type of enamel work. The oxidized brass works so well with the cloisonne pieces, it's like they were two lost souls who finally found each other...ok I'm being sappy but this is just a beautiful piece! This bracelet runs for $28, not a bad price considering the antique cloisonne.

Another piece that I love is this necklace with the two opposing Griffins. It's so medieval and it just seems to be a show well as a major conversation piece. Who wouldn't ask you about this if you were wearing it? Serrelynda oxidized the brass herself (which I wouldn't have a clue how to do) and to me that just says I put my blood, sweat and tears into my work. $42 for this original necklace and I guarantee you'll be the talk of the party wearing this one :-)

Serrelynda does make earrings too. They are beautiful but not as intricate as her necklaces and bracelets. However, you don't want to overdo your jewelry ensamble. The earrings are simple in design and will go well with they other pieces she sells. If you're wearing an over the top necklace or bracelet, you want to go easy on your earrings. Not every piece of jewelry should make a huge statement. Simple earrings go well with intricate necklaces. I like these Bronze Moonglow earrings. The warm colored beads against the bronze are just striking. $12 for these earrings.
Serrelynda has many many other pieces, this is just the tip of the iceberg. So if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, Serrelynda has pieces that range in price from $10-$42. I would be shocked if you didn't end up either buying something or just hearting alot of pieces and hearting her shop!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Deep in the Heart of Texas Part 2

Ok, so after leaving the Schlitterbahn Waterpark, we went to San Antonio. I have to say that San Antonio was my favorite part of the trip. Our hotel was just a block down from the Alamo and only a couple of blocks from the River Walk (along the San Antonio River). San Antonio is just a really nice city.

Since we got there so late on Monday, we just freshened up and walked along the River Walk. We had dinner at one of the (many) Mexican restaurants along the walk and did the Riverwalk Boat Tour..highly recommended. Any of the restaurants along the Riverwalk are going to be pricey. On average, for the 4 of us (and the kids shared a meal) it usually was $80 for dinner. The boat tour is a must. It runs around 35 minutes and for us 4 is totalled $26.75. It was very informative and fun.

The next day we, naturally, did the Alamo. Remember, there is NO basement in the Alamo! Texans are very very serious about the history surrounding the Alamo, so much so that it is considered holy ground in Texas. So, when you go there be RESPECTFUL! It's not very big but it's a must see for anyone visiting San Antonio. Alot of neat artifacts from good old Davy Crockett and in the gift shop there's a short history of the Bowie knife. The gift shop actually is one of the best gift shops I've seen. They had a great selection of items and reasonably priced too (you don't see that too often either). If you're hot after your Alamo excursion, right outside in the plaza there are many many snow cone vendors!

After the Alamo, we crossed over to the visitors center and picked up some day passes for the Trolley. We rode down to Market Square which is a bunch of little shops carrying hand made Mexican items. Most shops carried the same things but you could find some one of a kinds if you looked hard enough. There's a great little cafe across the way with a huge bakery. I will warn you though, some shops (only a couple) sell some items you will not want your kids to see.

After Market Square, we went over to the Buckhorn Saloon for lunch. Food was ok, more like your local sandwich shop. But, it's the atmosphere you are there for. Cowboys twirling their lassos as they greet you. Inside there's every animal head imaginable on the wall. The kids and my husband just loved that. There is a museum in there which we did not go through, a very tiny game room and a gift shop. This is a good place for the kids. After lunch we headed back to the hotel for a bit of R&R.

The evening was spent walking around the Riverwalk shops, La Villita (the original village of San Antonio which is now all shops), the River Center Mall and dinner at the Saltgrass Steakhouse. There weren't as many shops as I was hoping for. The majority of the Riverwalk is all restaurants and bars. It's a family friendly that's for sure.

Wednesday, July 1st, we had to make our way back to Houston to come back home. But, not before taking a slight detour to Shiner, Texas and the Shiner Brewery (home of Shiner Bock beer). Tours are only given at specific times and only on weekdays. We were a bit late (tour started at 11am and we got there at 11:07am) and it's very short. No pictures allowed by the way. Then you go back to the gift shop where you get 4 samples of their beer. They had some good items in the gift shop from tshirts to Steins. I got myself a Shiner brewery cookbook and the recipes look damn good! Oh, and they have lemonade for the kids so again, another "family friendly" place.

Well, that was the trip. There was so much more we could've done in San Antonio had we stayed longer but alas this was all the time we had. I hope this review helps anyone who's thinking of going down there...I do recommend you wait and do not go in the summer if you can help it.

New reviews coming soon including some very unique jewelry I found on Etsy. Have a great day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Geez..sorry sorry sorry..didn't realize it's been this long since I posted......well the end of school came and then getting re-adjusted to both boys being home and then vacation last week....I guess I'm just getting back into the swing of things.

Happy 4th of July everyone! And, yes I was in Texas from last Saturday till Wednesday. Again, lots of reviewing of the places we went and things we saw to help you if you go down there on vacation.

I'm sure you're wondering how insane I am to actually go down to Texas on Vacation in June/July...well my husband planned this trip so I'm not to blame. Although, the 103 degree temps down there really made me wonder if he's nuts or not. So, here's where we went and my recommendations as to yay or nay especially if you've got the kiddies along.

The first two days we stayed in Houston (landed there and stayed till Monday morning). We went straight to the Downtown Houston Aquarium which is run by Landry's (think restaurants, food, etc). This is an aquarium with a few outside rides and games. For $15.99 per person, you get access to all the rides, games and the aquarium. Not a bad deal if you take a gander at the individual prices for the rides ($2.99-$4.99). This is a really nice little aquarium and there are just fish tanks everywhere, from the main aquarium to the restaurants. It's not a big aquarium but alot of fish I haven't seen before. Very nice set up. There's a "touch tank" room where you can pet sting rays and horseshoe crabs. Also, they have White Bengal Tigers there and you can get right up to the glass to see them. Gorgeous tigers and really cool to be face to face with them. The restaurant was a bit pricey but that's what you have to deal with. There's a huge huge tank in the middle of the restaurant with all kinds of fish, from the teeny tiny to the HUGE. You also can take a train ride into the shark tank area which is short but neat. All in all, a decent thing to do if you have the time. For us, it killed time till we could check in to our hotel.

Sunday we did way too much, especially in the heat. First we went to San Jacinto State Park (where Santa Anna signed his surrender) and that's ok but not real exciting for the kids. It costs $2 per adult to get in the park and kids are free. It costs more if you want to go into the monument, but we didn't..just took it's picture. Also in the park is the Battleship Texas (built in the early 1920s I think). Costs $10 per adult and kids are free (you have to go into the park and yes pay the first fee before you can pay the Battleship fee). My older son and my husband really enjoyed the battleship. My little one was hot and not really interested. So, great for older kids (8 and up). The ship has been kept in remarkable shape and there are lots of knooks and crannies to check out and find aboard.

From there we went to the Johnson Space Center. I ordered our tickets online and saved $3 per ticket. Under 4 are free. For us the total was $48.75. You just print out your tickets when they are emailed to you and walla all done. The kids loved the Space Center. There is PLENTY of things for them to do and explore. I liked it but thought it would've been bigger and the main area was just overcrowded, not with people but with stuff. You also get the Tram Tour which takes you around the main NASA area. YOu get to see their training facility (where they have mock ups of the shuttle and the international space station) as well as Rocket Park where the Saturn V rocket is held (they built a huge "warehouse" to hold it as the elements were taking their toll on the rocket). If you have kids then I highly recommend the Space Center, both of my kids enjoyed it alot. I also recommend that you save the money and buy your tickets online.

For dinner, we went over to Kemah Boardwalk and had dinner at The Flying Dutchman. Dinner was great but Kemah is just a HUGE tourist trap and in my opinion a waste of money. They've got rides which cost an arm and a leg to go on, boardwalk games (just a few and dull) and plenty of restaurants. They also have a video arcade which was the biggest rip off got 2 tokens per one dollar and most of the games cost 2 or more tokens. RIP OFF. If you just gotta go to Kemah, just go for the eating and leave. Parking is $6 in the lots. Plus the rides cost a fortune. We just did the train ride since the boys love trains. Other than that, even they didn't seem to thrilled with Kemah.

Monday we left Houston for San Antonio..but before arriving there we had to go to the Schlitterbahn waterpark. My husband was all excited about it, he had seen it on the Travel channels top 10 waterparks. Needless to say, we were not impressed by it at all. Now, I've been to plenty of different water parks from the ones in Disney to Water Country USA in Williamburg to the old Action Park in north Jersey. Schlitterbahn is split into 2 parks, the Original Schlitterbahn and the newer Schlitterbahn East. YOu have to take a bus to get from one to the other. We started off in the original park which uses untreated water from the Comal river (untreated???). If you have a little one, you need to stop in guest services and pick up a life vest and a netted tube (so they don't fall thru) for them to use. Then you've got to get your locker. Then you've got to get yourself some Splash Cash (basically waterproof wrist bands with lil tags with dollar values). Then you've got to go down to the tube pickup and grab a tube to carry all through the dam park. Yes, in the original park you need to get a tube and carry it everywhere. The rides were great (I got on 2) but the lines are long long long. The park layout is all screwed up. You gotta go down to the end of a line which snakes back up to the entrance. It's just not an easy park to get around and find things. They did not plan the layout real well. Disney will make a park around the land to make it flow....I'm still trying to figure out how Schlitterbahn worked it all out. The kiddie pool areas were actually the best part in my opinion. They were unique and set up great. The kids really both enjoyed the kiddie areas. And, I highly recommend water shoes. Not for the water but to keep your feet from getting third degree burns from the sidewalks. Not alot of shade in this waterpark (others I have been to have had tons of shade trees over the sidewalls to keep them cool). They don't have shoe cubbies at the rides either so your screwed. My feet were burnt. The only one of us who didn't get burnt feet was Connor since he was easily carried. By the time we got over to the East side of the park, I was sick and tired of it already. I just hung out in the kid's pool on that side and didn't move. I know this waterpark is a BIG deal down there in Texas (we went to the one in New Braunfels) but this waterpark is not up to par with the likes of Water Country USA and Disney.

I'll continue this tomorrow with our 2 days in San Antonio and our stop at the Shiner Bock Brewery....just like Texas..this post is getting too BIG.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tea Man is The MAN

You guys know by now that I am ALWAYS crusing around Etsy. And, you should all know that I am a tea person (had a British Grandmother you know) and am always willing to try new tea. Well, that's how I found TeaMan!

I'm usually a strict "black tea" person and I tend to stay within say English Breakfast, Chai etc as far as flavors go. I've never really been a fan of fruit flavored black teas..usually the fruit overpowers the tea and it just tastes like I'm drinking hot juice. One Saturday Night during Etsy SNS sales time..TeaMan was offering 25 free bags of his new Cherry, Orange & Almond tea with any purchase. So, I thought it was about time I tried his tea, I'd seen him on the promotion forum often enough. I ordered myself a black tea sampler and got the free tea.

It was $7.50 for the sampler which has 65 tea bags in it and shipping was only $3, fairly reasonable. He shipped them rather quickly and I got my tea in a matter of a few days, so that is also impressive.

Here are the flavors I got in my sampler:

Darjeeling and Ceylon tea

Peach and Apricot tea

Northn comfort tea

Chai black tea

Black Currant black tea

Earl Grey black tea

Strawberry black tea

Cranberry tea

Vanilla black tea

Gingerbread tea

Black Raspberry black tea

English Breakfast black tea

Plus the 25 Cherry, Orange & Almond tea.

I already went thru my usual lovies, the vanilla, the chai, the gingerbread and they are excellent. The quality is outstanding for a home made tea. The flavors are just perfect and meld in just the right way with the tea leaves. There's no overpowering of any spice or flavor. The tea just comes out perfect every time.

I already said I wasn't a big "fruited" tea fan. But, now that's all I have left to try. Tea Man is so good with his blending techniques that the fruit and tea go so well together. I actually enjoy his fruited black tea. It's like good strong black tea with a gentle touch of fruit so you get the flavor of both the tea and the fruit without your tea tasting like hot fruit juice. Even the Cherry, Orange & Almond, which I thought I wasn't going to like, is excellent.

I can truly say with all honesty that if I brew a cuppa Tea Man's tea, I'm going to be content and happy. Prices range from $2.50 for 25 bags to $14 for the Super Sampler. He seems to have special going on all the time. If you purchase $5 or more you'll get 25 of the Cherry, Orange, Almond teabags or if your purchase is under $5, you'll get 10 teabags for free. If you're a tea person like myself, you have to give his tea a go. I highly recommend the Chai and the Gingerbread tea, some of the best I've ever had.

Tea Man ROCKS!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Ok, I've been on a little hiatus not of my own doing. I had a cancer scare recently and I just had to take a break until things were figured out.

As some of you may know, my mother died of pre-menopausal breast cancer back in 1994. Because of that I've been having annual mammograms since I was 30 (37 now). I had this year's mammogram back on May 15th.

On the 20th I got a letter in the mail, which is what they usually do to tell you there's no change, but it said my mammogram was incomplete and I had to come back for more imaging. Well, I was pissed thinking that the technician didn't do things right. So, I made an appt. for the 22nd. I went in and the tech I had then told me that they wanted to do an ultrasound as there was a small round mass detected in my right breast. I was like, what!! The letter just said it was "incomplete" (they really need to change that). So, ultrasound was done and the doctor couldn't find it. She thought it might be a cyst and usually "fluid filled" masses can be seen. So, she had them take 3 more mammogram images. The mass was still there. I was told I would need to get it biopsied. Of course, with my family history I just lost it and all the way home. Talked with my husband and scheduled the biopsy as soon as I could, which was MOnday June 1st.

I found my self surprisingly calm during the week before. I guess I had resigned myself to the fact a long time ago that eventually this would come to be.

Monday June 1st...biopsy day. I was nervous but not too bad. They put me on this table with a hole in it..yes how original..where I had to stick righty thru. There's a mammogram machine underneath and I was "compressed" and they took images till they found the mass. Then they injected me with 200 ccs of ladocaine (sp). This is where things went really really wrong. Being compressed, I couldn't really tell if I was numbed up or not, I assumed I was. The doctor told me I'd hear a POP..well I heard it and I f'ing felt it too. It was very very painful. I felt everything....then the nausea hit and the panic attack, sweats etc followed. They took the needle out of me and luckily they got one sample b4 they removed the needle. However, they usually like to take 3 more. The doctor told me she was pretty confident the report would come back as a fibroid adenoma (benign fibroid basically). Results would come back in 2 days. The nurse mentioned after that sometimes women with fibrous breasts...the ladocaine doesn't work on them. Um, hello that fact has been in my files for like EVER! Could've asked me.

Wednesday, June 3rd. I got the call around 2pm from the nurse. She told me the results were inconclusive and it just said "fibrous tissue". Since the Dr. was looking for a more specific diagnosis, this was not good enough and I would have to come back for another biopsy. I was able to get in this past Friday the 5th at 7:45am. As soon as I got off the phone, I began my nervous breakdown. The first biopsy just traumatized me and I was scared to death about going for a 2nd..even though they would use a different medication for my local.

My good friend and neighbor, Suzie, suggested I call my GYN and ask for a valium prescription. I figured why not, I am freaking out anyway, might as well try something. So, she called in a 1 pill Rx for Ativan. Took it in the morning and I'm thankful it worked for me. I was drowsy and it put me in a "I don't give an F" type of mood. So, I didn't freak out when we got there.

I'm back up on the table and they're taking images again and I hear the tech and the nurse talking and saying, "I don't know, it was clear as day on Monday." I began to giggle to myself because I realized they couldn't find the mass. They must've took about 12 images and couldn't find it. The doctor had them take a few more on a regular mammogram imager..still couldn't find it. I was brought into a room to talk w/the doctor. There were two screens..the left had the images they just took and the right had the images from Monday. Monday's images, there's the mass clear as day. The images they just took, the mass is gone. Now, she doesn't know if it's gone or the previous procedure (blood or whatever) may be obscuring it. I asked about the pathology report, she read it to me and explained it. They found cystistic cells and fibrous tissue (the nurse didn't mention the cystistic cells) all benign. No atypical cells or malignant cells. She was truly at a loss as to where the mass went. But, I have to heal up and come back in 2 months (August 7th) for another mammogram and see what's what.

So, in a nutshell, that's where I've been and why I haven't had any posts/reviews. If you find yourself in the position I was and you have been diagnosed with "fibrous breasts", be sure to tell the doctors before they perform your needle biopsy. You do not want to go thru what I went thru pain wise.

I'm good and calm now so reviews will be back soon. I really wanted my readers to know where I was and why I was gone.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Paying It Forward...(or Backwards) Part 2

Before I get started on this post, I am going to shamelessly ask my readers if they are interested in sponsoring my son in his readathon fundraiser. Basically the kids have to read 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks. Then they get donations (flat fee) and they get to buy brand new books with 50% of the money they raise. The other 50% goes to their teacher to buy new books for their classroom. The budget is bad and no cost of living adjustments this upcoming year so the teachers need all the help they can get. You can email me at I do have a paypal account if that is easier. Just put "fundraiser" or "books" in the subject. to my POST.

I posted awhile back about the PIF phenomenon on Etsy. Well....I've been very lucky to find some really wonderful items via the PIFs and I wanted to pay it back to those great Etsian sellers. These are amazing items that I can't believe went at such a low price. What wonderful people these Etsians are to do such a kind act.

I'm going to start with a really cute jewelry shop that is top notch when is comes to customer service! Like A Rolling Stone on Etsy run by Eryn. I found a great PIF..this necklace called Hurricane with all the lovely purple shells and beads. So, of course I bought it...well Eryn convo'd me right away and told me she had searched all over her house and couldn't find the necklace. She told me either she'd refund me or offer me a similar necklace as a PIF item. She also said that whatever path I chose, if she found the original necklace she'd send it to me. She sent me a photo of this other necklace with rose quartz, amethyst and garnet (the one on the right) and I thought it was very pretty. I decided to go with that one. Eryn also ended up sending me a pair of gorgeous earrings for all my trouble (really it was no trouble at all). And, a couple of weeks later I get another package from Eryn, this one had the Hurricane necklace..finally found. Talk about FANTASTIC customer service. You find these every now and then but they are rare and Eryn's generosity is perhaps even more rare. She's having a special offer right now in her shop where every purchase in May will receive a free pair of earrings (designed based on your order). Plus, she's got several PIFs, very low prices and fair shipping costs. I highly recommend Like a Rolling Stone, great jewelry and great customer care!

This next PIF I got is one that just blew me away with it's quality. This lampwork bead pendant from Fencer Lady. I got it for 20 cents (listing fee on Etsy) plus a low shipping cost. When I got it I couldn't believe that she let this go as a PIF. It's a beautiful piece and the photo doesn't do it much justice. I finally bought myself an antique brass chain to wear it on. It's just an amazing pendant. This could've easily sold for $15 but WOW did I get lucky. Now, not all PIFs are 20 cents plus shipping but you can find a gem of a deal and she's got some gems in her store.
Now, I do recommend that you look carefully when you shop for PIFs. Some people charge a low cost and then jack up the shipping costs to no end. I've seen some beautiful necklaces that I got all excited about for 99 cents but the shipping was $10. And, try not to be greedy in one store....some won't allow you more than one anyway but don't be greedy. And, be sure to pay it forward to someone else who could use a pick me up.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a Note of Thanks

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due and give a huge huge THANKS to all my Indie friends who generously donated prizes for my teachers during teacher appreciation week. The little giveaways I had for them went over BIG and I hope you all get some new business from your new fans!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Keeping My Coffee, Well More Like My Tea, Cozy.

There's been a huge "environmentally friendly" kick recently and your coffee cups are becoming part of it. We all know how Starbucks and other coffee joints give us those cardboard wraps to keep us from burning our lil fingers. Well, trees must die for those convieniences and there are more ways out there to keep trees alive.

I've gotten a couple of Cozies recently and wanted to elaborate a bit. Remember, these can be reused over and over and over, saving tons of wasted paper.

First up is this crocheted lime green one from Pritchke on Etsy. Very simple, easy going style. This will fit your basic coffee cup or styrofoam cup. It has some stretch but you want to stick to the smaller sized cups. Your plastic or metal travel cups will not work. These are only $5 on Pritchke and she has other colors, patterns (all crocheted) available. If you're looking for one for your coffee/tea/hot cocoa mug at home, Pritchke also has these cute ones with stand out buttons that will work with your handled mug. This one also sells for $5 and I have not seen or come across anyone else with mug cozies so this is rare.

The other cozy I have is from Bagel Creations on Etsy. This one I actually got during SNS Secrets (alas they have stopped it). These cozies are made of cloth and are adjustable by means of elastic and buttons. They also fold up and have a clip on them so you can attach it to your purse, key chain etc for on the go. You'll find a variety of patterns and colors and these cozies will run you $8.
I'm sure there are lots of other cozy makers out there but these two are ones that I own and can personally vouch for. They both do their jobs amazingly well and I recommend either one. So, help out the earth just a little bit and get yourself a "reusable" cozy :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week Begging

Some of you know that I am the PTO President at my son's Elementary School. Well, Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up May 4th - May 8th. One of the things I was hoping to do was have giveaways every day that week. I'd have my kid draw a name and that teacher would win a prize. So, I'm turning to my Indie Etailer friends out there who might be interested in donating a prize. Gift Certificates would be great as they can shop and get what they want and hopefully spend more money in your store. You'd be considered a "sponsor" and would get mentioned in our May newsletter that goes home to all the parents (about 750 families). If anyone is interested in participating, please contact me at

Monday, March 30, 2009


I've recently discovered something quite wonderful on Etsy, it's called PIF or Pay It Forward. Basically, alot of Etsy sellers will list something for 20 cents or some low low just have to pay that price plus shipping and either list your own PIF or just do something nice for someone else. I got myself a couple of PIFs recently and now it's my turn to PIF by posting about the 2 PIFs I got.

First up is this great bag from Hazel Honey. I saw her post on the forum for a free bag and took a look. I loved this bag and told her I would take it. She is trying to reduce her current inventory right now as she is preparing to restock the store. This is a great patchwork tote bag with a tan courdoury (I know I butchered the spelling right) and an art print fabric. There's three great fabric flowers for embellishment and the handles are nice and strong. No pockets inside but I can live with that. And, even my husband said it's a really nice bag and he never says anything about the stuff I get :-) I think the bag was $18 originally but like I said it was free. Prices range from $3 (for a cute pincushion) to $18 (tote bag). I have hearted the shop and intend to take a look at her new items when they are up.

Next is this cute Sterling Silver Star charm that I snagged up from The Ivy Leaf. I did a search for handmade items with PIF in the title, tags or description. While perusing the items I found this little charm. The title, Sterling Silver Star Dangle Pendant - One Stinking Buck - JUST TO SEE IF ANYBODY IS OUT THERE, just made me laugh and I wanted to let them know someone was out there. Yes folks, $1 plus $1 shipping is all I paid for this charmer. I just got it in the mail today and it is a cute little star...just need to find a chain for it uggh. There's all kinds of these charms plus earrings on the site. Check out the Build a Necklace section where you will find charms and chains to put something together. There's also the "Stinking Buck" section which is my fav ;-) So, please check them out!
You can do your own search on Etsy either by category or whatever to see what PIFs turn up. Just remember to Pay It Forward and do something nice for someone else.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Carried Away with Contests

I figured I'd send out at really good FYI. I've been very addicted to entering Blog Giveaways or contests on Etsy.

There's a huge one going on right now involving BAGS! Yes bags, purses etc. It's called the Carried Away Big Bag of Luck Giveaway.

It's basically a scavenger hunt and I just love scavenger hunts no matter how big or small. Each of the participating shops has one listing with either a Shamrock (see the huge graphic at the top of this post) in a picture or the words "Bag of Luck" in the listing description. To be eligible for the grand prize, which is your choice fo 6 of the prizes, you must find all 26 listings and send the urls in to the team.

There are other "winners". For first place you must find at at least 5 of the listings and you get your choice of 4 of the remaining prizes. Second place, you must find at least 3 of the listings and you get your choice of 2 of the remaining prizes. The remaining 14 prizes will be given away via random drawings to 14 winners who must find at least one of the listings.

You can also get extra entries by BLOGGING (tee hee what do you think I'm doing), TWITTERING, Following the Carried Away Teams Blog and you can earn 5 extra entries by making a purchase at any of the shops.

Be sure to goto the Carried Away Teams blog and read all of the rules!!! You don't follow rules you don't win.
Oh and the contest ends on the 23rd so you better stop reading my blog (FOR NOW) and go go go.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Too Cute to Pass Up

I've been coming across some mighty cute stuff on etsy lately. It just amazes me that there is just sooooo much talent out there. I sometimes get overwhelmed. But, finding cute stuff is always fun.

I just bought this for my friend for her birthday (Happy Birthday Kate) and since I gave it to her today I can post the photo lol..didn't want to post it before she got it. Ok, this is Shenanigans. He's a SocKat To Me cat from SocKatToMe on Etsy. Yes, the cat is made from a sock. My friend's favorite color is yellow but I didn't see any yellow cats listed. I made an inquiry to Jenny of SocKatToMe and she found a yellow and blue argyle sock in her sock stash. So she made this one for me custom. I just love everything from the mismatched button eyes to the tongue hanging out. Even being a custom order, Shenanigans cost me the normal SocKat price of $16. I almost kept him for myself....hint hint my birthday is at the end of April and I would love a SocKat (with the tongue hanging out).

I also came across these tiny critters from Asher Jasper on Etsy. I think I was entering a blog contest or something, can't remember but these little felted animals are just really cute. My favorites are the Mom and Baby Ladybugs. There are bumblebees, sheep, birds, bears..heck even the Spider is cute. They run $4.50 for tiny ones or $15 for a 3" larger one. You can buy pairs or a lot of 10 but that will cost you more. My ladybug friends are $20 for the two.

These are edible cuties. I came across these just randomly shopping on Etsy. I have yet to try them but I do plan on it (just waiting for some survey money to come in lol). This is what I would call Edible Art from Visualicious on Etsy. There's these BonBons pictured here and there are candy jewelry creations as well. This is a fairly new Etsy store but with things this cute (and they sound very tasty) I'm sure we'll see more. The pack of 6 BonBons I have pictured here are $15. You get 2 of each flavor: gourmet fudge, flavorful almond marzipan, and guava-raspberry fruit filling. You can also get a 3 pack, one of each flavor, for $5.

I know that these are "luxury" items and not necessities. But, I think they are adorable and they make me smile. I hope they make you smile too.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Go On and Indulge Yourself

So, today I'm stuck in the house with EVERYONE because of the snow. I just got back inside after making my wonderful snow fort (I was still out there and the kids had gone back inside already) and need to warm up. So, I will start by warming up my fingers and type up my review of some great organic bath and body products from Indulge In You.

Sue from Indulge In You found me through another B&B site and sent me a nice little sampling of her products. She sent me her Organic Green Tea Antioxidant Scrub, Organic Body Whip and a sample of perfume called Applicious.

The Organic Green Tea Antioxidant Scrub is honestly unlike any scrub I have tried before. When I opened the jar I saw that it was like jelly in there. And it fools you, I touched it and thought that there wasn't much "scrub" to it...then I tried it and there's good scrubbies in there. The exfoliant is very fine but there is plenty in there. And, even though the jelly consistency kinda freaked me out, it didn't break apart coming out of the jar and was easier to apply to my skin than my normal sugar based scrubs.

Here's the key ingredients for the scrub direct from the site:

"Green Tea Extract an extraordinary anti-oxidant that protects skin cells from free radical damaged triggered by environmental factors.

White Tea Extract protects the skin against environmental damage and premature aging.

Olive and Avocado Butters emollients that provide hydration."

It provides a light but good exfoliation and light moisturization. It has a very nice scent to it, not overbearing. An 8 ounce jar normally sells for $11.95 but it's on sale right now for $8.95

The Organic Body Whip is very nice. It goes on very easily and my skin just drunk it skin is always begging for moisture in the winter so it sucks lotions up. To me it is a light moisturizer. Don't get me wrong there is a ton of good oils in there but it's more like a lotion than a body butter. When I say light, I mean that it isn't too thick and heavy..easy to apply and absorbs quickly. The scent Sue sent me was Strawberries and Champagne, which I like alot. It's very easy on the nose and the scent lasts pretty long on the skin. Here's some of the ingredients if you're curious: aloe vera (organic), sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, wheat germ oil, macadamia nut oil, sunflower oil, kukui nut oil and vitamins A and E. Really good stuff. An 8 ounce jar normally would set you back $14.95 but it is on sale also for $11.20.
The Applicious perfume is fantastic. I just love this fragrance. Even though "apple" is in the title, this is a very nice Spring/Summer fragrance. Here's the notes from the website: "A fragrance for the free-spirited! This gorgeous blend features mouth-watering green apple and juicy grapefruit melded with a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers--jasmine, rose and freesia cyclamen - and sensual woods." It all blends together so well that it's hard to distinguish the notes. I just love it. Very nice!
I mentioned that there is a sale...yes there is a Customer Appreciation sale going on over at Indulge In You right now. There is a wide selection of B&B products from lotions to perfumes to shower gels and scrubs. Sue has listed the key ingredients on every product listing so you can find out the benefits. Go on and Indulge yourself.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Read This, Not That

Ok, it's going to be book week here on Products. I just got and read a couple of ones I just love so I'm passing it on :-)

Today the book you need to buy is : Eat This, Not That

I recently got the supermarket edition (there's one for kids and another one I forget) and let me tell you, I have learned soooo much. Kudos to the authors, David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding for getting all this information and putting a book together. And, you will be shocked at what you find out.

The give you the low down on the 20 worst foods in the grocery store, what certain food makers don't want you to know and a lot more.

For example, I learned that the FDA allows a certain amount of mold, hair, rodent droppings and insect parts in your food. Like canned pineapple...the FDA allows it to contain up to 20% of moldy fruit. I don't even want to tell you any others cause it'll make you sick.

The also give you the low down on how some calorie counts on the package are wrong. Like a Back to Nature granola bar...the package says 200 calories per bar, well it's actually 270.

There's alot more really good information before you get to those "Eat This, Not That" pages. There's a section on produce: the best season, what to look for and how long to keep it. Also, you get information on all the types of meats you can buy. Which ones have the highest protein...the definition of all these "organic" and "all natural" meats.

Once you get into the "Eat This, Not That" goes through everything you buy at the supermarket from ketchup to vitamin water. There's so much information and they don't just give you the basic facts, they tell you why it's better or why it's worse.
I bought mine at Costco for $11.39 and Amazon is selling it for $10.97 (click the title to get to the Amazon page). You can also find these books at Target. I plan on buying the kids version next as there are alot of restaurant "kids meals" in there. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Find out about what you're eating and get some valuable information on how to get the good stuff at the grocery store.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blackheads Be Gone!

Recently, I signed up to help test out a new soap being made by NV Soaps on Etsy. I was the last one to be able to get one of these soaps and I was very glad to do so after seeing the results.

NV Soaps has named this soap "Ageless Skin Soap" and it is full of really good, all natural stuff. For me, this is a skin clearing soap. Now, I have had blackheads all my life (since those dreaded teenage years). I get them all over my nose, my chin, and along my cheek next to my nose. Even with going to my spa for facial treatments once a month, I still needed plenty of "extractions." But, after using NV Soaps soap, my skin really began to clear up. I would say that my blackheads are 95% gone. I still have a few here and there, but it is nothing like it used to be. I haven't had any major breakouts either (although, a few teeny tiny zits crept up on my forehead yesterday). Even some of the winter skin issues I was having on my chin (flakiness, redness) cleared up. Never have I had my blackheads disappear and I have tried many many a blackhead removal product.

Here's a list of the ingredients and my skin expert at my spa told me these were all excellent ingredients for the skin (I always pass stuff on to her and she will tell me what's good and what's not, she was impressed with the stuff in this soap):

Saponified Oils of Soybean, Cottonseed, Coconut and Olive, Rhassoul Clay, Cucumber Seed, Coltsfoot, Carrot seed, Horsetail, Lady's Mantle, Barberry oil and Lavender Essential oil for scent

I don't know what it is, but this combination of herbs and such have worked wonders for my skin. It's, as NV states, not a pretty soap but it works great.

You can buy a trial size version at NV Soaps for $4.50 and I still have my soap and I'm sure it was smaller than the trial size she's selling. It has lasted a long long time. I highly recommend this soap for clearer skin.

Now, just a note, and this applies to any soap or cleanser that says it is a "moisturizing" still need to use your moisturizer! Don't ever stop using your moisturizer! You will always need your moisturizer! And, this comes from my Skin Expert at the spa I go to.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok, Ok so this is not a product shoot me :-)

My oldest son's school participates in the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser every year. If you would like to make a donation click on this link:

and remember, all donations are tax deductible and all funds go to the American Heart Association.

Thanks for reading my "not a product review" post :-)

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Ok, so I've gone back through all of my 2008 reviews and made a list of what I feel are the best products of 2008. And, here they are in no particular order.

The Ped Egg: If you don't have one, get one. This is perhaps one of the only "As Seen on TV" products that I've bought that is great. I hate my feet and hate the way they get all dry and peely in the winter. The Ped Egg works at getting all that off plus any calluses.
You can easily find it for $9.99 and they sell extra blades too.

100% Pure Organic Peppermint & Green Tea Toner:
All natural/organic ingredients in this baby. Following my Skin expert's advice, this stuff has great things for your skin. Put it in a small spray bottle and use that instead of a cotton ball. I've tried both of 100% Pure's toners and this one is the best by far. No alcohol or anything that will dry out your skin. Plus, it smells good too. $15 a bottle just about everywhere I looked online.

Dancing Dingo's Shea Butter Hand Cream:
One of the best hand creams I've come across. Mine was the basic lavender fragrance but it smelled divine. This kept my hands soft and moisturized for a long time. I usually only had to apply once or twice a day. $12 for 4 ounces at

Kelp & Sea Clay Mask from Manor Hall Soap Company:
Manor Hall always has great products. I love the Kelp & Sea clay mask and so does my skin expert at my spa. Everything it contains is excellent for your skin. Use after you exfoliate, and no more than once/twice per week. $9.35 per jar and a little goes a long way.

FLUID Swimmer's Salve Lip Balm from Epli:
One of the first place winners in my Best of Lip Balms contest from the summer. This lip balm goes on smooth and lasts for hours. All natural ingredients, no petrolatum or mineral oil here. Swimmer's doesn't really have a "flavor" per se, but for me it's a little minty, a little bubblegummy..hard to pin point it but I like it. $5 at Epli.

The Plaid Mushroom Original Lip Balm:
The Plaid Mushroom also won first place in my Best of Lip Balm contest. I tried both the cherry and the original flavor and they both were great. My preference is for the original flavor but your preference is your preference. But there are other flavors like Bubble gum, root beer and there are VEGAN choices there too. The Plaid Mushroom's lip balm held itself together even in the summer (no melting) and application was smooth as silk. Also lasted several hours. Prices range from $3 - $3.50 at The Plaid Mushroom.

Crater Lake Flutter Butter:
I will say it again, this is one of the best body butters that I have tried. It went on easily, absorbed easily and kept my skin moisturized all day. Plus there's tons of good scents including some great Pink Sugar blends (you ought to know me by now). And, you have several fragrance intensities to choose from too. I highly recommend the Flutter Butter. $10.45 for a 4 ounce jar at Crater Lake.

Barack Barrettes from One Plaid Aunt:
Ok, onto novelty items. I got a pair of Barack Obama barrettes before the election. I got so many comments on them..people were constantly asking where I got them. You can also get Michelle Obama barrettes, Obama ponytail holders, ornaments and calendars now. $10 for the barrettes at One Plaid Aunt.

Butt Freckles from Butt Freckle:
Ok, my favorite novelty item of 2008, the Butt Freckle. No real purpose but they are just so dam cute. Plus each butt freckle has it's own butt freckle on it's butt. Your average Butt Freckle is $6 but you can get a humongous one for $22. And, with names like Crusty Playdoh Butt Freckle, Grandpa's Pipe Smoke butt freckle and Swedish Meatball Butt can you resist.

Jewelry by UnderGlass:
Underglass on Etsy is one of my new favorite jewelry artists. I discovered her work via the Saturday Night Specials thread on Etsy and I now have several pieces plus I bought some for gifts. She has just so many unique pieces that you will only find here. From the snowflake necklaces to the Guitar Hero collection, there really is something for everyone here. Prices range from $5 (clearance) to $37.

So, there it is, my favorite products of 2008. Now I can start on 2009 :-)