Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blackheads Be Gone!

Recently, I signed up to help test out a new soap being made by NV Soaps on Etsy. I was the last one to be able to get one of these soaps and I was very glad to do so after seeing the results.

NV Soaps has named this soap "Ageless Skin Soap" and it is full of really good, all natural stuff. For me, this is a skin clearing soap. Now, I have had blackheads all my life (since those dreaded teenage years). I get them all over my nose, my chin, and along my cheek next to my nose. Even with going to my spa for facial treatments once a month, I still needed plenty of "extractions." But, after using NV Soaps soap, my skin really began to clear up. I would say that my blackheads are 95% gone. I still have a few here and there, but it is nothing like it used to be. I haven't had any major breakouts either (although, a few teeny tiny zits crept up on my forehead yesterday). Even some of the winter skin issues I was having on my chin (flakiness, redness) cleared up. Never have I had my blackheads disappear and I have tried many many a blackhead removal product.

Here's a list of the ingredients and my skin expert at my spa told me these were all excellent ingredients for the skin (I always pass stuff on to her and she will tell me what's good and what's not, she was impressed with the stuff in this soap):

Saponified Oils of Soybean, Cottonseed, Coconut and Olive, Rhassoul Clay, Cucumber Seed, Coltsfoot, Carrot seed, Horsetail, Lady's Mantle, Barberry oil and Lavender Essential oil for scent

I don't know what it is, but this combination of herbs and such have worked wonders for my skin. It's, as NV states, not a pretty soap but it works great.

You can buy a trial size version at NV Soaps for $4.50 and I still have my soap and I'm sure it was smaller than the trial size she's selling. It has lasted a long long time. I highly recommend this soap for clearer skin.

Now, just a note, and this applies to any soap or cleanser that says it is a "moisturizing" still need to use your moisturizer! Don't ever stop using your moisturizer! You will always need your moisturizer! And, this comes from my Skin Expert at the spa I go to.

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Audrey said...

Very cool - will check it out. Always looking for soap that works.