Thursday, January 1, 2009


Ok, so I've gone back through all of my 2008 reviews and made a list of what I feel are the best products of 2008. And, here they are in no particular order.

The Ped Egg: If you don't have one, get one. This is perhaps one of the only "As Seen on TV" products that I've bought that is great. I hate my feet and hate the way they get all dry and peely in the winter. The Ped Egg works at getting all that off plus any calluses.
You can easily find it for $9.99 and they sell extra blades too.

100% Pure Organic Peppermint & Green Tea Toner:
All natural/organic ingredients in this baby. Following my Skin expert's advice, this stuff has great things for your skin. Put it in a small spray bottle and use that instead of a cotton ball. I've tried both of 100% Pure's toners and this one is the best by far. No alcohol or anything that will dry out your skin. Plus, it smells good too. $15 a bottle just about everywhere I looked online.

Dancing Dingo's Shea Butter Hand Cream:
One of the best hand creams I've come across. Mine was the basic lavender fragrance but it smelled divine. This kept my hands soft and moisturized for a long time. I usually only had to apply once or twice a day. $12 for 4 ounces at

Kelp & Sea Clay Mask from Manor Hall Soap Company:
Manor Hall always has great products. I love the Kelp & Sea clay mask and so does my skin expert at my spa. Everything it contains is excellent for your skin. Use after you exfoliate, and no more than once/twice per week. $9.35 per jar and a little goes a long way.

FLUID Swimmer's Salve Lip Balm from Epli:
One of the first place winners in my Best of Lip Balms contest from the summer. This lip balm goes on smooth and lasts for hours. All natural ingredients, no petrolatum or mineral oil here. Swimmer's doesn't really have a "flavor" per se, but for me it's a little minty, a little bubblegummy..hard to pin point it but I like it. $5 at Epli.

The Plaid Mushroom Original Lip Balm:
The Plaid Mushroom also won first place in my Best of Lip Balm contest. I tried both the cherry and the original flavor and they both were great. My preference is for the original flavor but your preference is your preference. But there are other flavors like Bubble gum, root beer and there are VEGAN choices there too. The Plaid Mushroom's lip balm held itself together even in the summer (no melting) and application was smooth as silk. Also lasted several hours. Prices range from $3 - $3.50 at The Plaid Mushroom.

Crater Lake Flutter Butter:
I will say it again, this is one of the best body butters that I have tried. It went on easily, absorbed easily and kept my skin moisturized all day. Plus there's tons of good scents including some great Pink Sugar blends (you ought to know me by now). And, you have several fragrance intensities to choose from too. I highly recommend the Flutter Butter. $10.45 for a 4 ounce jar at Crater Lake.

Barack Barrettes from One Plaid Aunt:
Ok, onto novelty items. I got a pair of Barack Obama barrettes before the election. I got so many comments on them..people were constantly asking where I got them. You can also get Michelle Obama barrettes, Obama ponytail holders, ornaments and calendars now. $10 for the barrettes at One Plaid Aunt.

Butt Freckles from Butt Freckle:
Ok, my favorite novelty item of 2008, the Butt Freckle. No real purpose but they are just so dam cute. Plus each butt freckle has it's own butt freckle on it's butt. Your average Butt Freckle is $6 but you can get a humongous one for $22. And, with names like Crusty Playdoh Butt Freckle, Grandpa's Pipe Smoke butt freckle and Swedish Meatball Butt can you resist.

Jewelry by UnderGlass:
Underglass on Etsy is one of my new favorite jewelry artists. I discovered her work via the Saturday Night Specials thread on Etsy and I now have several pieces plus I bought some for gifts. She has just so many unique pieces that you will only find here. From the snowflake necklaces to the Guitar Hero collection, there really is something for everyone here. Prices range from $5 (clearance) to $37.

So, there it is, my favorite products of 2008. Now I can start on 2009 :-)

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