Monday, December 31, 2007

Baubles in my Bathroom

I love finding new etailers through my sampler boxes. It's even better when they give you an awesome coupon! Bauble Bath is one of those etailers. I got some samples in one of my samplers with an incredible 35% off coupon. Well, I didn't hesitate and bought some bath baubles and some Miss Mary Mint Body Scrub (not pictured but this is a picture of their Mango scrub).

I really like this body scrub. And, if you love Wrigeley's Spearmint gum, you will love the scent of this scrub. There's rosemary, spearmint and peppermint oils in this scrub so it feels all cool and minty. There's also the sugar, some salt and finely ground apricot seeds. It did not leave my tub all slippery and gooey. I didn't lose any to the shower floor either. It's thick yet easy to use and rinses off nice and clean. It comes in a nice wide mouth jar so it's easy to scoop out. With the shea and cocoa butter added, it also leaves the skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

Bauble Bath also had a fantastic Black Friday sale with a coupon for either 50% off or buy one get one free (essentially the same thing). So I bought like, 4 more scrubs...some more Miss Mary Mint, Candy Cane, Blushing Pink and Gingerbread. All of them smell fantastic!

The price for a 10 ounce jar of Bauble's body scrub is only $9.25. That is very reasonable. It's a very good scrub and a very good price. There is also a great selection of bath bombs (called Bath Baubles), melts, bubble bars and moisturizers. Start the New Year off right by taking good care of yourself!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays

From my family to yours, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Silk Duomo Earrings

Awhile back I was contacted by Carmela DiLeva who creates these beautiful Silk Duomo earrings. It's truly a unique jewelry that I personally have not see before.

Carmela creates these earrings by layering silk over hand hammered metals (first a hand-domed piece and later adds the hand-hammered sterling silver). Then she hand paints them using these brilliant French dyes. The hard part for her is to make sure that each piece matches it counterpart for a set of earrings..since she makes all of them by hand.
This set is called Four Square and the price is $48. I like these because they are so bright and colorful.
Here's a close up of the style that Carmela sent me. She was right on the money as I had just gotten in the mail, this beautiful red sweater I had ordered from Victoria's Secret. These earrings match perfectly. And even though they look like they're going to be heavy, they are light as a feather. Very easy on the earlobes and just very pretty to look at.
Here's a detail of how they look on the ear.
This red pair costs $40. In fact, other than the Four Square, the rest of Carmela's gems will run you $40.
Time is running out for that Christmas shopping. These earrings are that one of a kind gift so why don't you go and take a look at the rest of Carmela's designs at Silk Duomo Jewelry.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

All Sugarelled Up

Recently I helped out a fellow Switchboarder and was rewarded with some sugar scrub and scrubby bar samples. Di, from Sugarelle, sent me 3 samples of her duo sugar scrubs and 2 of her scrubby bars.

Now, I have not been a fan of scrubby bars. They usually don't have enough exfoliant for me..sorry I am a scrub diva and I must have large amounts of the ruff stuff :-). But, the Sugarelle scrubby bars are more than what I've come across. These definitely have extra exfoliants in them. The scrubbed me well, didn't fall apart and really felt like a true "scrubby bar." I was very impressed. The full size version costs $7.

The duo whipped sugar scrubs were really cool. I've had whipped sugar scrubs before but they, again, didn't have enough exfoliant in them. Di sent me three samples..Crimson Queen & Licorice Dreams, Parlor Tricks & Cinnamon Sticks and last but not least..Vanilla Pearls & Tango Swirls. All very very nice scents..not too strong but not too weak either..just right I say. They are whipped together in a perfect swirl so you can see the two colors of the scrubs when you open the jar. The consistency is like whipped cream but I have to say even lighter than that. But, if you rub it between your really can feel the nice gritty texture beneath the whip. A full 8 oz jar will run you about $17..but I think it's worth it.

I do have to say that just one little sample jar or sample scrubby bar was enough for a full body scrub. So the larger versions should last you fairly long time. Christmas is almost here...there's still time to check out the scrubs at Sugarelle.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ice Wine without the Hangover

As many of you know, I am a TEA drinker. I get my caffeine the good old fashioned, Bristish way..with a good ole cuppa tea! And, it's not like I really needed more tea (my cabinet is full of many many different flavors) but I had a sample of a Blue Raven Tea in my last Lemming Central box and a pretty good coupon. The coupon gave me one free 1 ounce bag of any flavor with my order. So, I figured...I had some Secret Santa stuff to buy and of course I could always expand my horizons to another tea maker.

I perused the selection at Blue Raven and found a flavor that really intrigued me..Ice Wine. Now, I have had the real thing. Real Ice Wine is remarkable. It has such intense sweet flavor, it's just lovely. So, I wanted to try this tea. Here's the description and ingredients from the site:

"Add a pinch of sugar and have yourself a amazing joureny to the winter vineyards of Niagara. A delicious fresh white grape flavor with hints of exotic fruit that pleasantly lingers on the tongue. Ingredients: Premimum black tea, freeze-dried grapes, white tea, dried grapes, premium white tea, Ontario Ice Wine, natural flavors."

This is amazing tea. It smells and tastes just like Ice Wine. Now, I know there is some ice wine in the tea itself but it is amazing how much it tastes like the real thing. It didn't even feel like I was drinking tea (well with the exception that it's hot and not cold). And, the good thing hangover!

Blue Raven has very reasonable prices and a very good and interesting selection of flavors. There is even a whole category of several English teas there. A one ounce bag is only $2.25, which is very reasonable. For me, a one ounce bag lasts me a long time..I'd say I get about 10 cups out of it. So, if there is a tea lover in your life...Xmas is only what 19 days away. Take a peek...I'm sure you'll find something unique at Blue Raven Tea.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Body Wash With B-O-D-Y

I'm always perusing I love that site and on Saturday nights there's always the "Saturday Night Specials." On one particular Saturday, I was perusing the SNS thread on the Etsy forums and found a really major impressive deal. Known as ZAJA Natural and also by the seller name aromaticbodyoils on Etsy was the Indie etailer with the deal. I was able to choose any 4 items (as long as they were all first blonde error I picked like 3 of the same thing duh) that were $11 or less...for only $25!!!! I'm truly sorry you all missed out on the deal..she only does it for a very limited time (I think when I got mine it was only up for like 1/2 hour).

So I got some lotions, body butter and this Body Wash.

This body wash is kickin! Here's the ingredients: 100% natural made with saponified oils of canola, olive, coconut oil, and castor. I chose Pink Grapefruit and Sugar (sparkling citrus blend based on pink grapefruit with hints of sugary, sweet cotton candy; wild honey; touch of vanilla; and ending with a note of fresh, spring rain) as my fragrance and it is such a light, refreshing scent. The suds that this stuff makes is amazing. You only need a smidgen to wash up right. Make sure you have a puff or sponge and just love the suds. I'm always amazed at how much it makes. And, I feel really clean after rinsing.
The regular price for 8 ounces of body wash is $11. I was very happy to get the deal I got since I also have other products to try. But, a little goes a long long way on the puff sponge so that bottle will last you a pretty long time. And heck, there's no parabens in this one..and you pay what for like Philosophy stuff and they have parabens. Naah, you gotta try this body wash. I highly recommend it.