Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Body Wash With B-O-D-Y

I'm always perusing I love that site and on Saturday nights there's always the "Saturday Night Specials." On one particular Saturday, I was perusing the SNS thread on the Etsy forums and found a really major impressive deal. Known as ZAJA Natural and also by the seller name aromaticbodyoils on Etsy was the Indie etailer with the deal. I was able to choose any 4 items (as long as they were all first blonde error I picked like 3 of the same thing duh) that were $11 or less...for only $25!!!! I'm truly sorry you all missed out on the deal..she only does it for a very limited time (I think when I got mine it was only up for like 1/2 hour).

So I got some lotions, body butter and this Body Wash.

This body wash is kickin! Here's the ingredients: 100% natural made with saponified oils of canola, olive, coconut oil, and castor. I chose Pink Grapefruit and Sugar (sparkling citrus blend based on pink grapefruit with hints of sugary, sweet cotton candy; wild honey; touch of vanilla; and ending with a note of fresh, spring rain) as my fragrance and it is such a light, refreshing scent. The suds that this stuff makes is amazing. You only need a smidgen to wash up right. Make sure you have a puff or sponge and just love the suds. I'm always amazed at how much it makes. And, I feel really clean after rinsing.
The regular price for 8 ounces of body wash is $11. I was very happy to get the deal I got since I also have other products to try. But, a little goes a long long way on the puff sponge so that bottle will last you a pretty long time. And heck, there's no parabens in this one..and you pay what for like Philosophy stuff and they have parabens. Naah, you gotta try this body wash. I highly recommend it.

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