Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ice Wine without the Hangover

As many of you know, I am a TEA drinker. I get my caffeine the good old fashioned, Bristish way..with a good ole cuppa tea! And, it's not like I really needed more tea (my cabinet is full of many many different flavors) but I had a sample of a Blue Raven Tea in my last Lemming Central box and a pretty good coupon. The coupon gave me one free 1 ounce bag of any flavor with my order. So, I figured...I had some Secret Santa stuff to buy and of course I could always expand my horizons to another tea maker.

I perused the selection at Blue Raven and found a flavor that really intrigued me..Ice Wine. Now, I have had the real thing. Real Ice Wine is remarkable. It has such intense sweet flavor, it's just lovely. So, I wanted to try this tea. Here's the description and ingredients from the site:

"Add a pinch of sugar and have yourself a amazing joureny to the winter vineyards of Niagara. A delicious fresh white grape flavor with hints of exotic fruit that pleasantly lingers on the tongue. Ingredients: Premimum black tea, freeze-dried grapes, white tea, dried grapes, premium white tea, Ontario Ice Wine, natural flavors."

This is amazing tea. It smells and tastes just like Ice Wine. Now, I know there is some ice wine in the tea itself but it is amazing how much it tastes like the real thing. It didn't even feel like I was drinking tea (well with the exception that it's hot and not cold). And, the good thing hangover!

Blue Raven has very reasonable prices and a very good and interesting selection of flavors. There is even a whole category of several English teas there. A one ounce bag is only $2.25, which is very reasonable. For me, a one ounce bag lasts me a long time..I'd say I get about 10 cups out of it. So, if there is a tea lover in your life...Xmas is only what 19 days away. Take a peek...I'm sure you'll find something unique at Blue Raven Tea.

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