Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Silk Duomo Earrings

Awhile back I was contacted by Carmela DiLeva who creates these beautiful Silk Duomo earrings. It's truly a unique jewelry that I personally have not see before.

Carmela creates these earrings by layering silk over hand hammered metals (first a hand-domed piece and later adds the hand-hammered sterling silver). Then she hand paints them using these brilliant French dyes. The hard part for her is to make sure that each piece matches it counterpart for a set of earrings..since she makes all of them by hand.
This set is called Four Square and the price is $48. I like these because they are so bright and colorful.
Here's a close up of the style that Carmela sent me. She was right on the money as I had just gotten in the mail, this beautiful red sweater I had ordered from Victoria's Secret. These earrings match perfectly. And even though they look like they're going to be heavy, they are light as a feather. Very easy on the earlobes and just very pretty to look at.
Here's a detail of how they look on the ear.
This red pair costs $40. In fact, other than the Four Square, the rest of Carmela's gems will run you $40.
Time is running out for that Christmas shopping. These earrings are that one of a kind gift so why don't you go and take a look at the rest of Carmela's designs at Silk Duomo Jewelry.

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