Thursday, February 12, 2009

Read This, Not That

Ok, it's going to be book week here on Products. I just got and read a couple of ones I just love so I'm passing it on :-)

Today the book you need to buy is : Eat This, Not That

I recently got the supermarket edition (there's one for kids and another one I forget) and let me tell you, I have learned soooo much. Kudos to the authors, David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding for getting all this information and putting a book together. And, you will be shocked at what you find out.

The give you the low down on the 20 worst foods in the grocery store, what certain food makers don't want you to know and a lot more.

For example, I learned that the FDA allows a certain amount of mold, hair, rodent droppings and insect parts in your food. Like canned pineapple...the FDA allows it to contain up to 20% of moldy fruit. I don't even want to tell you any others cause it'll make you sick.

The also give you the low down on how some calorie counts on the package are wrong. Like a Back to Nature granola bar...the package says 200 calories per bar, well it's actually 270.

There's alot more really good information before you get to those "Eat This, Not That" pages. There's a section on produce: the best season, what to look for and how long to keep it. Also, you get information on all the types of meats you can buy. Which ones have the highest protein...the definition of all these "organic" and "all natural" meats.

Once you get into the "Eat This, Not That" goes through everything you buy at the supermarket from ketchup to vitamin water. There's so much information and they don't just give you the basic facts, they tell you why it's better or why it's worse.
I bought mine at Costco for $11.39 and Amazon is selling it for $10.97 (click the title to get to the Amazon page). You can also find these books at Target. I plan on buying the kids version next as there are alot of restaurant "kids meals" in there. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Find out about what you're eating and get some valuable information on how to get the good stuff at the grocery store.

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