Monday, March 2, 2009

Go On and Indulge Yourself

So, today I'm stuck in the house with EVERYONE because of the snow. I just got back inside after making my wonderful snow fort (I was still out there and the kids had gone back inside already) and need to warm up. So, I will start by warming up my fingers and type up my review of some great organic bath and body products from Indulge In You.

Sue from Indulge In You found me through another B&B site and sent me a nice little sampling of her products. She sent me her Organic Green Tea Antioxidant Scrub, Organic Body Whip and a sample of perfume called Applicious.

The Organic Green Tea Antioxidant Scrub is honestly unlike any scrub I have tried before. When I opened the jar I saw that it was like jelly in there. And it fools you, I touched it and thought that there wasn't much "scrub" to it...then I tried it and there's good scrubbies in there. The exfoliant is very fine but there is plenty in there. And, even though the jelly consistency kinda freaked me out, it didn't break apart coming out of the jar and was easier to apply to my skin than my normal sugar based scrubs.

Here's the key ingredients for the scrub direct from the site:

"Green Tea Extract an extraordinary anti-oxidant that protects skin cells from free radical damaged triggered by environmental factors.

White Tea Extract protects the skin against environmental damage and premature aging.

Olive and Avocado Butters emollients that provide hydration."

It provides a light but good exfoliation and light moisturization. It has a very nice scent to it, not overbearing. An 8 ounce jar normally sells for $11.95 but it's on sale right now for $8.95

The Organic Body Whip is very nice. It goes on very easily and my skin just drunk it skin is always begging for moisture in the winter so it sucks lotions up. To me it is a light moisturizer. Don't get me wrong there is a ton of good oils in there but it's more like a lotion than a body butter. When I say light, I mean that it isn't too thick and heavy..easy to apply and absorbs quickly. The scent Sue sent me was Strawberries and Champagne, which I like alot. It's very easy on the nose and the scent lasts pretty long on the skin. Here's some of the ingredients if you're curious: aloe vera (organic), sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, wheat germ oil, macadamia nut oil, sunflower oil, kukui nut oil and vitamins A and E. Really good stuff. An 8 ounce jar normally would set you back $14.95 but it is on sale also for $11.20.
The Applicious perfume is fantastic. I just love this fragrance. Even though "apple" is in the title, this is a very nice Spring/Summer fragrance. Here's the notes from the website: "A fragrance for the free-spirited! This gorgeous blend features mouth-watering green apple and juicy grapefruit melded with a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers--jasmine, rose and freesia cyclamen - and sensual woods." It all blends together so well that it's hard to distinguish the notes. I just love it. Very nice!
I mentioned that there is a sale...yes there is a Customer Appreciation sale going on over at Indulge In You right now. There is a wide selection of B&B products from lotions to perfumes to shower gels and scrubs. Sue has listed the key ingredients on every product listing so you can find out the benefits. Go on and Indulge yourself.

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