Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Too Cute to Pass Up

I've been coming across some mighty cute stuff on etsy lately. It just amazes me that there is just sooooo much talent out there. I sometimes get overwhelmed. But, finding cute stuff is always fun.

I just bought this for my friend for her birthday (Happy Birthday Kate) and since I gave it to her today I can post the photo lol..didn't want to post it before she got it. Ok, this is Shenanigans. He's a SocKat To Me cat from SocKatToMe on Etsy. Yes, the cat is made from a sock. My friend's favorite color is yellow but I didn't see any yellow cats listed. I made an inquiry to Jenny of SocKatToMe and she found a yellow and blue argyle sock in her sock stash. So she made this one for me custom. I just love everything from the mismatched button eyes to the tongue hanging out. Even being a custom order, Shenanigans cost me the normal SocKat price of $16. I almost kept him for myself....hint hint my birthday is at the end of April and I would love a SocKat (with the tongue hanging out).

I also came across these tiny critters from Asher Jasper on Etsy. I think I was entering a blog contest or something, can't remember but these little felted animals are just really cute. My favorites are the Mom and Baby Ladybugs. There are bumblebees, sheep, birds, bears..heck even the Spider is cute. They run $4.50 for tiny ones or $15 for a 3" larger one. You can buy pairs or a lot of 10 but that will cost you more. My ladybug friends are $20 for the two.

These are edible cuties. I came across these just randomly shopping on Etsy. I have yet to try them but I do plan on it (just waiting for some survey money to come in lol). This is what I would call Edible Art from Visualicious on Etsy. There's these BonBons pictured here and there are candy jewelry creations as well. This is a fairly new Etsy store but with things this cute (and they sound very tasty) I'm sure we'll see more. The pack of 6 BonBons I have pictured here are $15. You get 2 of each flavor: gourmet fudge, flavorful almond marzipan, and guava-raspberry fruit filling. You can also get a 3 pack, one of each flavor, for $5.

I know that these are "luxury" items and not necessities. But, I think they are adorable and they make me smile. I hope they make you smile too.


Reese said...

Thanks for entering our contest on Mimi and Reese. I'll have to stop by again later. You blog looks so interesting.
I hope you get some quiet time in your basket. I crave it!

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