Monday, March 30, 2009


I've recently discovered something quite wonderful on Etsy, it's called PIF or Pay It Forward. Basically, alot of Etsy sellers will list something for 20 cents or some low low just have to pay that price plus shipping and either list your own PIF or just do something nice for someone else. I got myself a couple of PIFs recently and now it's my turn to PIF by posting about the 2 PIFs I got.

First up is this great bag from Hazel Honey. I saw her post on the forum for a free bag and took a look. I loved this bag and told her I would take it. She is trying to reduce her current inventory right now as she is preparing to restock the store. This is a great patchwork tote bag with a tan courdoury (I know I butchered the spelling right) and an art print fabric. There's three great fabric flowers for embellishment and the handles are nice and strong. No pockets inside but I can live with that. And, even my husband said it's a really nice bag and he never says anything about the stuff I get :-) I think the bag was $18 originally but like I said it was free. Prices range from $3 (for a cute pincushion) to $18 (tote bag). I have hearted the shop and intend to take a look at her new items when they are up.

Next is this cute Sterling Silver Star charm that I snagged up from The Ivy Leaf. I did a search for handmade items with PIF in the title, tags or description. While perusing the items I found this little charm. The title, Sterling Silver Star Dangle Pendant - One Stinking Buck - JUST TO SEE IF ANYBODY IS OUT THERE, just made me laugh and I wanted to let them know someone was out there. Yes folks, $1 plus $1 shipping is all I paid for this charmer. I just got it in the mail today and it is a cute little star...just need to find a chain for it uggh. There's all kinds of these charms plus earrings on the site. Check out the Build a Necklace section where you will find charms and chains to put something together. There's also the "Stinking Buck" section which is my fav ;-) So, please check them out!
You can do your own search on Etsy either by category or whatever to see what PIFs turn up. Just remember to Pay It Forward and do something nice for someone else.


Soylady said...

Thats awesome! Thanks for the info! Great bag by the way! Love it!

Audrey said...

Love the bag!! Some really great PIF's!!