Monday, April 27, 2009

Keeping My Coffee, Well More Like My Tea, Cozy.

There's been a huge "environmentally friendly" kick recently and your coffee cups are becoming part of it. We all know how Starbucks and other coffee joints give us those cardboard wraps to keep us from burning our lil fingers. Well, trees must die for those convieniences and there are more ways out there to keep trees alive.

I've gotten a couple of Cozies recently and wanted to elaborate a bit. Remember, these can be reused over and over and over, saving tons of wasted paper.

First up is this crocheted lime green one from Pritchke on Etsy. Very simple, easy going style. This will fit your basic coffee cup or styrofoam cup. It has some stretch but you want to stick to the smaller sized cups. Your plastic or metal travel cups will not work. These are only $5 on Pritchke and she has other colors, patterns (all crocheted) available. If you're looking for one for your coffee/tea/hot cocoa mug at home, Pritchke also has these cute ones with stand out buttons that will work with your handled mug. This one also sells for $5 and I have not seen or come across anyone else with mug cozies so this is rare.

The other cozy I have is from Bagel Creations on Etsy. This one I actually got during SNS Secrets (alas they have stopped it). These cozies are made of cloth and are adjustable by means of elastic and buttons. They also fold up and have a clip on them so you can attach it to your purse, key chain etc for on the go. You'll find a variety of patterns and colors and these cozies will run you $8.
I'm sure there are lots of other cozy makers out there but these two are ones that I own and can personally vouch for. They both do their jobs amazingly well and I recommend either one. So, help out the earth just a little bit and get yourself a "reusable" cozy :-)

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