Monday, June 15, 2009

Tea Man is The MAN

You guys know by now that I am ALWAYS crusing around Etsy. And, you should all know that I am a tea person (had a British Grandmother you know) and am always willing to try new tea. Well, that's how I found TeaMan!

I'm usually a strict "black tea" person and I tend to stay within say English Breakfast, Chai etc as far as flavors go. I've never really been a fan of fruit flavored black teas..usually the fruit overpowers the tea and it just tastes like I'm drinking hot juice. One Saturday Night during Etsy SNS sales time..TeaMan was offering 25 free bags of his new Cherry, Orange & Almond tea with any purchase. So, I thought it was about time I tried his tea, I'd seen him on the promotion forum often enough. I ordered myself a black tea sampler and got the free tea.

It was $7.50 for the sampler which has 65 tea bags in it and shipping was only $3, fairly reasonable. He shipped them rather quickly and I got my tea in a matter of a few days, so that is also impressive.

Here are the flavors I got in my sampler:

Darjeeling and Ceylon tea

Peach and Apricot tea

Northn comfort tea

Chai black tea

Black Currant black tea

Earl Grey black tea

Strawberry black tea

Cranberry tea

Vanilla black tea

Gingerbread tea

Black Raspberry black tea

English Breakfast black tea

Plus the 25 Cherry, Orange & Almond tea.

I already went thru my usual lovies, the vanilla, the chai, the gingerbread and they are excellent. The quality is outstanding for a home made tea. The flavors are just perfect and meld in just the right way with the tea leaves. There's no overpowering of any spice or flavor. The tea just comes out perfect every time.

I already said I wasn't a big "fruited" tea fan. But, now that's all I have left to try. Tea Man is so good with his blending techniques that the fruit and tea go so well together. I actually enjoy his fruited black tea. It's like good strong black tea with a gentle touch of fruit so you get the flavor of both the tea and the fruit without your tea tasting like hot fruit juice. Even the Cherry, Orange & Almond, which I thought I wasn't going to like, is excellent.

I can truly say with all honesty that if I brew a cuppa Tea Man's tea, I'm going to be content and happy. Prices range from $2.50 for 25 bags to $14 for the Super Sampler. He seems to have special going on all the time. If you purchase $5 or more you'll get 25 of the Cherry, Orange, Almond teabags or if your purchase is under $5, you'll get 10 teabags for free. If you're a tea person like myself, you have to give his tea a go. I highly recommend the Chai and the Gingerbread tea, some of the best I've ever had.

Tea Man ROCKS!

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