Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Ped Egg Really Works

Ok, if you've read my blog in the past..then you know I have the worst feet on earth. I always mention in reviews I do on any lotion/body butter, that I test them out on my feet first. My feet get dry and nasty. I've tried all those home pedicure things from foot scrubs to pumice stones. Nothing has ever worked to relieve me of the nasty flaky dry cracking heel skin yuck.
So, I got a JCPenney gift card for my birthday (which is this Tuesday :-) ) and just couldn't find any clothes or stuff that I wanted. So I wandered over to the home goods department and saw the Ped Egg. I had heard from some forum members at Lemming Central that this thing was the bomb...I had a gift card so I wasn't really spending my I said what the hell and bought one.
It looks like a mini cheese grater lol. Your supposed to rub it up and down on your dry or callused areas and it just takes the crap off your feet. So I'm sitting there on the Living Room floor (don't get all grossed out because there's a container under the grater to catch your nasty foot shavings) and just gave it a go. Well ladies and gents, it actually works. I never thought I'd say that about anything "AS SEEN ON TV" but this lil Ped Egg is fantastic. It took all the dead crap off my feet and now they are smooth (ok, they will never be as smooth as a babies butt so I'm not gonna say they are). What remains in the catch cup under the grater looks like a pile of dust. Just dump that in the garbage and you're good to go.

My warning is..don't get way too gung ho when you get one. Every time I felt some dry cracky skin I'd grab the Ped Egg and go to town..well now my heels are a lil sore cause I took off too much skin. So, use it maybe once a week. Don't go crazy like I did this week.
Now, I've paid up to $5 for stupid pumice stones that never did anything. The Ped Egg retails for $10 on average. I got mine at JCPenney but you can find them all over the place like at Target and Walmart. This thing really does work and for me (I don't go get pedicures at the it's way too much money) and I'm going to save myself time and money. I actually am starting to kinda maybe like my feet....if only they would shrink to a size 7 instead of 9 and a half..alas I guess the Ped Egg can't do it all.

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