Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mountain Mist is the Best Kind of Mist

A few weeks ago, I went to the Craftsmans Classic Arts & Crafts show at the local Expo center here in Northern VA (the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly). I'm scanning the booths to see if I run into any of my Indie friends when I find a new B&B store that's set up shop at the show. The store is called Mountain Mist.

They have a variety of B&B products that we're all used to seeing from Bath Bombs to Scrubs and even candles. What really impressed me was their fragrances. Now, they don't have a lot of scents likes some online etailers, but these fragrances are all wonderful. They're strong without being overpowering and they just smell divine.

I ended up buying their Bath Salts and some Shea Creme. The Shea Creme I bought in their Amber Morning fragrance, which is a blend of Amber, Pineapple and plums. If they didn't list the notes, I never would've guessed that Pineapple and Plums were in it. This is such a beautiful fragrance. It truly lifts the spirits and just leaves an air of enchantment. The Shea Creme goes on nice and smooth. I bought a 4 ounce jar which cost $12. But the ingredients are great and the scent is even better. I must say, their few scents will give some etailers a run for their money.

The bath salts are divine. I bought some in Amber Morning, Rain and Sprig. They were selling the bath salts at $2 per scoop (into these draw string plastic bags) or fill a jar for $12. I bought 2 scoops of each scent. The smell from the bath salts in their bag just fills up my bathroom and it's wonderful. The scents are clean and fresh and again without being overpowering and noxious. The bath salts sell for $14 for a 14 ounce jar.

They have solid lotion bars, bath teas, bath bombs, salt & sugar scrubs, shea butter soap, lip balms and more. Prices are reasonable and if you catch them at a show then you get to sniff and also skip the shipping costs. The prices of their products are pretty reasonable too. I mentioned "sampler boxes" to the owners and I would hope they would participate in one so you all could sample their stuff. Trust me though, these scents are just fabulous and they have more than the 3 I tried. These are just the ones I liked the best and I had a hard time deciding as it was. So go climb the Mountain and sample the Mist.

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