Monday, April 7, 2008


I have gotten a first hand lesson last week about not using your teeth to pull Legos part. A couple of months back, my oldest told me he had a lump in his mouth that hurt. So, I looked at it like any normal Mom would do and lo and behold the gum was swollen into a lump. I asked him what he did..and after much pain and suffering, found out that he had tried to separate two Lego pieces with his teeth. I kept an eye on it the next few days and the swelling went down.

Well, last Tuesday was his 6 month dental checkup. As the dentist is looking at his teeth I hear, "Mom, we have an abcessed tooth." I jumped up to see what he was talking about and it was the tooth that was next to that lump he had. He took an x-ray and you could see that the tooth was dying. The roots were all shriveled up. It had to be pulled! Plus, my son had an infection.

So, two days and antibiotics later and we're back at the dentist for the extraction. Lots of infected goop under the tooth and there had to be a spacer put between the teeth. This tooth shouldn't have fallen out for about 3-4 more years. The spacer (this little piece of metal) cost almost $400.

So, the moral of this story you may go and buy one of these snazzy "brick separator" tools from Lego.. You can either buy it online at or in any Lego store for $1.69(that only sells Lego). I think, now that I know, that $1.69 is worth is compared to $147 for an extraction, $348 for the spacer and $80 for the nitrous oxide to calm him down.....don't you think that $1.69 is worth it..I sure do.
I swear, I am the living Murphy's Law.


Valerie said...

Oh my, and really practical when you think...which kid hasn't tried to pull legos apart with their teeth?

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, you're joking!! I used to separate lego with my teeth when I was kid, I think the worst that happened to me was I got a cut gum or sore tooth... What a nightmare for you!

Nikki said...

Oh no, this doesn't sound fun at all. I hope he feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Let alone the suffering for your kid.. (Witch supersedes the financial factors I assume).