Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Book Every Woman Should Have

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I got this book as a Christmas present from my husband. I have to admit when I opened one of my gifts and saw "The Lingerie Handbook", I was insulted. I thought how dare he assume that I, a woman, need a handbook about my underwear!!! Yeah, and then I started reading it and thought wow I didn't know that and wow I've been doing that and not supposed to. Next thing I knew I had read it from cover to cover and found out I did not know anything about Lingerie. It ended up being one of my favorite gifts this past Christmas.

This book is written by Rebecca Aspan who owns the upscale Lingerie store in New York called La Petite Coquette (or The Little Flirt).

Let me tell you her boutique is upscale. I just saw a pair of underwear on clearance for $90 WOW!!! But she has some very very pretty and some very intriguing lingerie for sale.

But, I digress, we're talking about her book.
She devotes specific chapters to specific lingerie. A chapter on bras, a chapter on panties, a chapter on hosiery, a chapter on shapewear etc. And, each chapter gives you alot of great information. You get photos and descriptions of the different styles of bras and panties. I now know what is a demi bra and what is a balconette. There's even "right and wrong" photos to show you how things should and should not look.

I learned, for example, that all these years I've been putting my bras on in the worst possible way. She refers to my style as the "granny style". Where I have it upside down, hook it in the front and then twist it around and then put it on the right way. Well, that's apparently a big NO NO. You're supposed to put the straps on first, lean over a little (so things ahem fall into place shall we say) and reach behind you and hook it. The way I've been doing it is the best way to ruin and destroy your bras.

There's also chapters on how to shop, how to measure yourself for bras and also how to care for your lingerie. She even tells you what you should keep and what you really should be throwing away. I love how she tells me that my underwear should make me feel good about myself. That, you can always have the prettiest stuff on even if no one will be seeing it. She even says to go ahead and buy 7 pairs of red or black panties, nice ones, to use during that time of the month. I never would have thought to wear nice underwear during that but hey what the hell.

This book is a really must have reference book for any and every woman. She doesn't just stick with skinny size "0" people in her photos either. There's all shapes and sizes. I know you'll learn something new from it and you'll even get a few good laughs.
The book is sold at Amazon and other books stores. Amazon is selling it right now for $10.46 (on sale right now). A great book and well worth any price!

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