Monday, August 31, 2009

A Little More Salt Please

You all know that I can't deal with bubble bath and basically use bath salts exclusively. I found another great bath and body shop on Etsy and just love the bath salts she sells.

I've been buying all my bath salts lately from KimberQuinn on Etsy. Not only are they top quality, but the price is very nice too! There are many pleasing fragrances to choose from in her store and I favor the Pink Romance and the Amber, Vanilla Sandalwood scents. The salts themselves are all the good kinds you expect from a top quality products (like those expensive ones in Target) like Dead Sea Salts and Mineral Salts. Even though they are pretty chunky, the salts dissolve very quickly in the bath. There is coloring in these, but not enough to color your water which is just what I like.

Remember, bath salts help your body let loose some of those toxins and helps to relax your muscles. I thoroughly enjoy a good soak in a good warm bath with my bath salts. KimberQuinn's are some of the best I've come across, on Etsy or even in the retail stores. I don't know if she plans on continuing the sale, but right now , like today, you can get a 4 oz. bag for $2.95..regularly $4.95. I just bought 3 bags the other day..I think I've already used 2 lol. You know me, quality is number one and price is number 2. These salts are very good quality and I think you will agree.

Oh, if you are curious as to why I can handle bubble bath anymore, feel free to email me or comment here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Give Me the Eye

Awhile back, I won a lil scavenger hunt type contest from the Muddy Muse on Etsy. The prize was $10 to spend in their shop. They make all kinds of clay goodies from magnets to dishes. They have a kind of rustic style that still brings a modern flair with it. I probably shopped the store every day looking at all the items $10 and under. But, I always came back to one particular item that was more than $10. So, I asked if I could use my prize towards the cost and they said ok.

Now, I have my beautiful Eyeball mug! This is a huge mug by the holds like 18-20 ounces of beverage of choice is, of course, tea. This is the mug I use when I really need the caffeine, when I use 2-3 tea bags to make my morning brew. My eye watches over me! Eye need my tea!

Ok, I'm starting to get kooky. Anyway, the mugs are extremely well crafted. They are, according to the shop, microwave and dishwasher safe but I still hand wash mine. You can get your Eyeball in any color you choose. Mine is blue. The best thing is your Eye never needs Visine!

I recently featured my Eyeball Mug on Rare Bird Finds as well. I like the craftsmanship and the quality of their work. This is a very strong and durable piece of pottery. Plus, you get a nice little Java magnet with your purchase, I just love the lil extras :-). You can get your custom Eyeball mug for $25 at the Muddy Muse.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm A Rare Bird

I am so thrilled! I am now a contributor on Rare Bird Finds! For those of you who don't know what it is, Rare Bird Finds is a blog where we find all of the unique and rare items that are available on the net. I've been a fan/reader for years and I'm honored to now be a part of it. I will, of course, still be writing reviews here on POD but just wanted to send the word out.