Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Soft, Sweet and OH SO Freakin' Good

I say let the gourmet marshmallow wars begin! I've posted before on gourmet marshmallows that I bought from Have It Sweet Confections. Having tried and loved them (and am now sickened if I eat those white store bought things), I decided to give another Etsian purveyor or soft things a try.

I ordered from Softly Sweetly and was very very happy with what I got. I ordered a trio of flavors (which you can order yourself and try 3 different flavors or even the dozen variety where you get 12 different flavors) and got Triple Chocolate, Vanilla and Toasted Coconut drizzled with chocolate. There's like 20 or so flavors to choose from so you won't be bored. I'm on my second trio of flavors right now: Toasted Coconut with chocolate (again cause they were that good), Amaretto and Mexican Chocolate (think chocolate marshmallow coated in a mix of sugar, cocoa and cinnamon). These are huge squares of marshmallows and the flavor is just that good. They are so soft, the texture is great that they practically melt in your mouth! The trio of flavors will run you $10.99 for one dozen plus about $5 shipping.

A dozen marshmallows range in price (depending on the flavor I think) between $9.99 and $10.99. You can also get a half dozen for less than $6.

I must say the Triple Chocolate and the coconut ones are my favorite but I've only tried 5 flavors as of yet. There's also these Caramallows that are marshmallows coated in caramel..must try those soon.
All in all, these are huge, great tasting marshmallows for the price. And, turn around time is really quick so you won't be left waiting. I highly recommend, if you even like marshmallows, to give any of the gourmet marshmallows a try, you won't be disappointed.