Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Your Bio on Your Chest

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Ron and Joe (and Robin too)...they make t-shirts. Ok, you say whoopie..t-shirts. But, I think these are cool t-shirts. You basically are putting your biography on your shirt for the world to see. I think it's a really cool concept for a t-shirt. It'd be great for a bride and groom (friends know them best right), or for your dad, best friend..whoever. Or just for yourself.

They have a huge catalog of artwork w/phrases or you can make up your own captions. You pick 9 different ones that fit your life and presto you have the Many Parts o'You. I have the Many Parts O'Jen which you can see from the photo.
Like I mentioned, you don't have to use the captions that are already there (I did), you can personalize it for your own needs. The captions fit me just fine so I didn't change them. You can view samples of other t-shirts at ronandjoe.com. You can also peruse or download the catalog of images so you can take your time and look them over.

The t-shirts themselves are made of organic pre-shrunk cotton. It's very soft and washed easily (I should know...my kid got melted chocolate on me the first time I put it on). Organic is always good. The final product will run you about $29 but it's a great gift/conversation starter etc. They say production time is about 2 weeks but I think that is more for those who personalize everything, including the captions. I got mine in just a few days.

If you have someone you need to get a gift for, I highly recommend one of Ron and Joe's shirts. I think the person you're giving it to will get a real kick out of it. I know I did and I've already gotten several comments on my shirt.

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