Thursday, October 9, 2008

Is There an Election Coming Up or something?

Ok, I know that there's an election coming up! I have been perusing Etsy and have come across a ton of Obama and McCain items. Sorry, but I am for Obama and most of the McCain items I'm finding are jokes on McCain. I want to be neutral on my post so I will have some items that are serious and funny on both candidates.

This first one is from One Plaid Aunt and it's a set of Michelle & Barack Obama ponytail holders. Now you can get this set or there's other sets of just Michelle and just Barack. There's also Barack & Michelle barrettes too. Whether you want the elastics or the barrettes, they will both run you $10. But, think about it, it's a unique way of making your choice clear.

Of course, there are tons of Palin jokes running amok, but I just love this button from Psychedelic Tara's Groovy Gift Emporium and it's only $2.99! The other button that is just cracking me up is this one of Barack and McCain as Mac and PC. There are tons of funny ones here for the taking.

Ok, ok...McCain supporters...don't shoot me..I did find a couple of Pro-McCain/Palin items so here they are.

Here's some cute McCain & Palin magnets made from Polymer clay by Itty Bitties for You

(You can also get Obama & Biden ones too). Itty Bitties has alot of cute things, I especially love her robots! The magnet set will run you about $18.

Then there's the Palin buttons from Button Diva. The Button Diva has plenty of Palin power buttons and McCain Victory buttons for $3 each. There's also some Palin Power earrings for $5.5o and Pendants for $5.95.
So, whatever your political preference, there seems to be a
plethora of items out there. These are just a small, and I mean small, sampling of what I found on Etsy and I'm sure there are tons of other sites out there with this kind of stuff. So, make your statement in a different way...a unique way :-)

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SweetLollipopShop said...

I love those ittie bitties, they're too cute!