Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost the New Year and New Stuff for Me :-)

Ah yes, Christmas is over. The frantic shopping, wrapping till 1 am on Xmas eve and baking those dam, I mean wonderful cookies all month long. But, at least we all have some new things to show off right?

Over this past month, I've won some blog contests, gotten a special discount code and of course gave my husband (and Secret Santa) some Indie items that I wanted. So all in all I had a nice Xmas season. Here's a little run down on some of the delightful things I got this past month.

I received a nice 50% off discount via a blog giveaway to Nyblaque's Etsy store. Nyblaque is an Etsy jewelry store in which I found a most unique necklace that just kept getting my attention. It's call "Cornucopia" and as you can see by the picture it is such a cornucopia of things. Framed by this simple ebony wood rectangle, the simple golden circle is bursting with a variety of autumn colored gemstones.

Here's the description straight from Nyblaque's listing:

"This design was my expression of a cornucopia...filled with labradorite berries, mandarin garnet oranges, carnelian pumpkins and lemon quartz squash..bursting out of the horns' copper, brass and oxidated alumunum twisted and soldered handmade 20m "ring". Captured in a 35mm tiger ebonywood picture frame. "

It hangs from a very delicate chain and is a rather heavy pendant. I don't care how heavy it is though cause I think it's one of the best pieces I own. I can safely say, I have the only one :-) Now, this piece was originally priced at $50 but I was able to get it for $25 with my discount. I know this type of piece takes a long time to make, just look at the work that went into it, but I see this as a unique style for Nyblaque and I hope to see more of this style in the future.

I had also recently won another blog giveaway (it's been my lucky year what can I say) and in this one I received this necklace that I call my New Year's Eve ball, but it's actually called "Ice Princess" by Vandiva on Etsy. The necklace is on a very long chain, which is not usually my style, but when paired with a turtleneck sweater, it looks just right. The pendant is made of lead crystal, accented with pearls, clear crystal and opalite beads. The retail value of this piece is $49! I have actually had a piece of Vandiva's in my Etsy favorites for awhile called Rain Cloud which you can find on the first page of the shop. If you like chunkier styles, then I would recommend you take a look there.

This next Indie item, well it's not something I would've have bought for myself no matter how much I wanted one. My husband would've killed me if I bought one, so what better place to ask for one than in a Secret Santa! And, it's my Butt Freckle! Here's mine, ain't she cute lol. Butt Freckle is another wonderful Etsy store filled with, well these Butt Freckles. Tiny little friends with a lil charm (or freckle) on their backsides, as you can see in the next picture (butt freckles on Butt Freckles will vary). Butt Freckles range in price from $4 to $22 for xtra large ones. The purpose of said Butt Freckle? No purpose, you just have to have one cause they are so dam cute.

Lastly, I had this one on my Xmas list that my husband got to shop from. I had first seen these Flapper Hats on Rare Bird Finds and just thought they were gorgeous. The variety of colors, flowers and the like just made for a unique, conversation piece of a hat. You can find these Flapper Hats at Melissa Happy Stuff on Etsy. The hats cost $30 each and let me tell you, if you go and look at her's just pages and pages of these Flapper Hats. They are selling like hot cakes over there. The photo on the right is the exact one that my husband got me. The colors are perfect as they match the coat I wear.

So, lots of good stuff right? I'm very happy and very satisfied with all of these great Indie items. What did you all get for Xmas? Let me know.

Coming up soon here on list of the Best of 2008 (based on my product reviews during 2008).

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I want to wish all of my readers a very Happy Holidays!

I will be on hiatus from today till Monday the 29th. I'll be back next week with new reviews and my all new Best of 2008 Products!

Peace be with you!

Friday, December 12, 2008

All Wrapped Up with a Pink Bow..Literally!

You all know by now that I'm a sucker for lotions, body butters and the like. The fluffier (and more moisturizing), the better. Well, with the Pink Bow Bath Boutique (also has an Etsy store) you get all that, plus a lil girly girlness.
Amy over at Pink Bow knows how to appeal to the female bath and body nut (like myself). She's got a whole bunch of fresh, feminine scents and like I state in my title, it's all wrapped up with a pink bow.
I had gotten several samples in an order I had placed for Xmas gifts, in the Lemming Central box and Amy sent me some samples to try out as well. First off, I'm very impressed with the fragrances. You know I love Pink Sugar and Amy has quite a few nice Pink Sugar Blends. Her Pink Sugar Noel is grand. But, my favorite of hers so far isn't even a Pink Sugar blend (could it be possible). The Pink Passionfruit Lemonade is really really divine. Even my oldest son, who is picky picky with everything told me it smelled good. The scents are just the right strength. They're strong but not overpowering as you know some can be. And, they last a pretty good long time. They are definitely above average in their staying power.
I've tried the whipped body frosting and the body frosting with shimmer. I like the shimmer body's not full of "glitter" as I have exerienced with other "shimmer" lotions. It's got just the right amount of pearly golden goodness to give you a lil glow. The body frosting sinks into the skin nice and easy. It's good and whipped up but it's not heavy or greasy. Great all around all those yummy scents.
Amy also sent me a sample of her protein hair mist. A very nice little product that helped me smooth out my winter frizz. A little goes a long way and I recommend you stick to your not use it in your'll end up with greasy looking head (this will happen with any hair product of this type no matter who makes me though I've tried so I know what I speak of).
Pink Bow Bath Boutique has a very very large selection and you can also get holiday gift sets right now. Gift sets range in price from $6.50 to $19. The Body Frosting will run you $6.75 for a 4 ounce jar and $4.25 for a 2 ounce jar. The prices are very reasonable (prices range from $4 to $19 depending on the product or gift set) and the quality is very good.
Amy was also kind enough to give my readers their own coupon code. So, to sav 10% on your purchase, just use the code "10%off". Time is running out to get things in time for Xmas and Amy is recommending purchase this weekend for a 12/16 shipping date so you can get it in time. If you've got a lady in your life, young or old, I can guarantee there is something here that will be enjoyed!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's Up with My Clothes? A Don't Waste Your Money Alert

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I've been out for awhile but I had a couple of major PTO events in November then my family came down for Thanksgiving.

Now, complaining time :-). I'm a pretty easy going person. But, when I buy stuff whether it's clothes, food, jewelry or B&B, I want good quality. Lately, clothes that used to be of decent quality had slipped up and become low on the totem pole.

I pretty much like to wear long sleeve t-shirts in the fall/winter. Nothing exciting, I know but hey they are comfy. I've always bought from Old Navy and Kohl's with nary an issue in the past. But, the shirts I've bought recently warrant my "Don't Waste Your Money Alert" and it's pretty depressing for me.

I'm kinda frugal with money spent on clothes for me unless it's for a special occassion. Old Navy usually has good deals on simple long sleeve t-shirts (usually a thinner material but still ok). I had gotten a couple of their shirts in a couple of different colors. Ok, wore this Aqua colored one once and washed it. Washed it according to the cute little tag on the inside of the shirt. Out of the dryer, the stitching around the cuff...completely gone. Like there was no thread there at all on one of the sleeves. Ok, now I can't wear this one out of the house. Lesson learned...what was good in the past has gotten cheaper in the present. What a waste.

The other shirts I have issue with are these long sleeve shirts by Sonoma from Kohls. In the past, I've always been able to count on Sonoma's quality..not anymore. I have several tshirts in a variety of colors (I think the regular price was $20 and I got them on sale for $10). After just a couple of washes (again washed according to the little tag), the stitching around the shirt hem began to unravel and come undone. Not as bad as the Old Navy T-Shirt but close enough.

So, what's happening? Was this just a fluke that I happened to buy or something more? It just goes to show that after some time when we all get comfortable with a brand, they start to change their standards and quality goes down. Times are hard for everyone and in this economy clothes are probably the one luxury/need that we all still need to buy. Quality is going to be a crucial factor in what I buy and it should be for you too. You want clothes that are going to last a long time, more than just a couple of washes.