Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's Up with My Clothes? A Don't Waste Your Money Alert

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I've been out for awhile but I had a couple of major PTO events in November then my family came down for Thanksgiving.

Now, complaining time :-). I'm a pretty easy going person. But, when I buy stuff whether it's clothes, food, jewelry or B&B, I want good quality. Lately, clothes that used to be of decent quality had slipped up and become low on the totem pole.

I pretty much like to wear long sleeve t-shirts in the fall/winter. Nothing exciting, I know but hey they are comfy. I've always bought from Old Navy and Kohl's with nary an issue in the past. But, the shirts I've bought recently warrant my "Don't Waste Your Money Alert" and it's pretty depressing for me.

I'm kinda frugal with money spent on clothes for me unless it's for a special occassion. Old Navy usually has good deals on simple long sleeve t-shirts (usually a thinner material but still ok). I had gotten a couple of their shirts in a couple of different colors. Ok, wore this Aqua colored one once and washed it. Washed it according to the cute little tag on the inside of the shirt. Out of the dryer, the stitching around the cuff...completely gone. Like there was no thread there at all on one of the sleeves. Ok, now I can't wear this one out of the house. Lesson learned...what was good in the past has gotten cheaper in the present. What a waste.

The other shirts I have issue with are these long sleeve shirts by Sonoma from Kohls. In the past, I've always been able to count on Sonoma's quality..not anymore. I have several tshirts in a variety of colors (I think the regular price was $20 and I got them on sale for $10). After just a couple of washes (again washed according to the little tag), the stitching around the shirt hem began to unravel and come undone. Not as bad as the Old Navy T-Shirt but close enough.

So, what's happening? Was this just a fluke that I happened to buy or something more? It just goes to show that after some time when we all get comfortable with a brand, they start to change their standards and quality goes down. Times are hard for everyone and in this economy clothes are probably the one luxury/need that we all still need to buy. Quality is going to be a crucial factor in what I buy and it should be for you too. You want clothes that are going to last a long time, more than just a couple of washes.

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