Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Good evening everyone! I hope you've had a nice Veteran's Day holiday....I wish I had but that's a story for another day (it involves a 3 year old)

Anyway...I just wanted to welcome some new advertisers to Products. I traded with them for some wonderful jewelry and I just wanted to tell the world :-)

Amy Peters' Studio has some wonderful Sterling Silver jewelry with cute and inspirational sayings. I really like her "Dainty Disks" which have a cute raised design on the front and a simple one word phrase on the back. I have both the "Shine" necklace with the sun on the front side and I also got the "Soar" necklace which has a shooting star on the front..as you can see from the photos.
Amy was also kind enough to donate $100 worth of her jewelry to my PTO's Bingo Night...I showed some people the "prizes" and there was some serious Bingo playing that night :-) For Bingo, I got another "Shine" necklace and this matte choker with the two charms. It came with the cute little winged heart and the charm with the "Let Your Heart Soar" message.
The "dainty disks" start at $45 (depending on the chain length you want) and the "Matte Chokers" start at $50 (again depending on the chain length). There are many other styles at Amy Peters' Studio including her "Fortune Cookie" necklaces and her "Message in a Bottle" necklaces (as seen here). They start at $100.

I want to also welcome Weekend Jewelry! Now, if you're an old timer here at Products, then you may have read a post of mine a long long long time ago in which I coveted some pieces from Weekend...well..I now own my coveted piece :-) And, here it is..the Gold Necklace with Purple Mother of Pearl and Blue Pearls! I love love love this necklace..it just is so unique. I can wear it either casually with a sweater and jeans or it could be worn for a fancy evening (but with two kids..those are hard to come by as you know lol). This is a $66 necklace and you can also find coordinating earrings and a bracelet. So you can have a complete set if you so desire. The other necklace that I was deciding between is this Lilac Chalcedony Flower necklace with the green periodot leaves/stem dangling down. This pretty will run you $64.
Some of you may remember last November, Jen Lownie of Weekend Jewelry, made me some special earrings for that Bingo Night. Jen designed them around our school logo and they were quite popular (it got a bit aggressive that night) with some of the moms.
So, please help me welcome these two wonderful stores into the Products of the Day Family. I can honestly say that their jewelry is made with care and the pieces are of high quality..somethin you know I look for in anything I buy. Christmas is coming and I'm sure someone in your familu would love something unique.

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Nyblaque said...

your jewelry choices are beautiful, excellent taste..speaking og jewelry...

Thank you for participating in my 1st blog giveaway in October. I just wanted to let you know you have a blog appreciation gift waiting for you at my blog if you want it:) ..just a thank you from me to you.