Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Touch Roses, They Touch Me

There is such a myriad of handmade bath and body products out there, that it can almost drive you mad. This includes the new trend in handmade mineral makeup. I'm always up for trying new things, otherwise where would my blog go, so I tried a relatively new B&B site on etsy called I Touch Roses.

Ahna of I Touch Roses is taking a turn from her other etsy store, a jewelry shop called Art Created, and is trying her hand at cosmetics and bath & body. Ahna sent me a variety of samples from her cosmetics shop..several mineral eye shadows, mineral foundation, soap in Haunted scent, incense, a sample vial of her Soul Mate perfume and a sample of her Skin Euphoria Cream.

She sent me mineral foundation in her Rapture shade. Now, Ahna does not know me or the exact tone of my skin, however, this shade is perfect for my skin tone. It absolutely blends in and creates a really nice, smooth finish on my skin. I've tried a few other handmade mineral foundations and Ahna's ranks high on my list. It didn't cake on or create powdery spots, it created a nice smooth finish that even I can be proud of (ok, I have issues lol.) She's got 5 different foundation shades, as seen in this picture on the left, and a 40 gram jar will run you $16.50. This is actually a very good price for that much mineral foundation. Oh, and you get a puff too :-)

As far as Ahna's mineral eyeshadows...there are alot of bright and playful colors. As you can see by her color list in this photo on the right. With my fair skin and blonde hair..bright colors and really really dark colors have never worked well for me. However, I found that the purple shade she sent me, called Passion, worked really well for me as an eyeliner. I wet my brush and worked in around the powder and got a really nice dark purple shade of eyeliner. It looked even better when paired with a lighter brown shadow like the one she sent me calledContent. They eyeshadows run $7.77 for a 10 gram jar. If you like to experiment with your colors, I think you'll be in heaven with Ahna's palette.

Aside from the mineral makeup, Ahna's Skin Euphoria Cream is wonderful. There's an amazing 17 different moisturizers in this lotion, I beleive that's the most I've ever seen. Here's the list of ingredients for the unscented Euphoria cream:
distilled water
coconut butter
avocado butter
olive butter
aloe butter
evening primrose oil
shea oil
coconut oil
avocado oil
hemp oil
apricot kernel oil
sweet almond oil
olive oil
vit. e oilc
amelina oil
raspberry oil
glycerinpolysorbate 20 - from olive oilconditioning emulsifiers
soy protein
soy milk
isopropyl myristate - to reduce oily feeling

It just flows onto the skin and instantly hydrates. It did not leave any greasy or Rain X type feeling on the skin. The cost of having Skin Euphoria will be between $12-$14. The Skin Euphoria Soap (which I got in Haunted) is just as good as the lotion. I'm usually not into heavily perfume scented soaps, but this is the exception to my rule. This soap lathered up more than other soaps I've tried and the scent stayed know how some scents just disappear when you lather up...and you just get a "soap" smell leftover. Not with this soap. Plus, it just left my skin feeling soft and clean. $6.75 for the soap

If you're looking for a bit of change and some really well made bath & body/mineral makeup products....try out I Touch Roses.

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