Saturday, January 1, 2011

Post Christmas Clean Up

It's that least in my family. New Year's Day is the BIG cleanup day. The tree comes down and all the rest of the holiday decorations. It's also the time we say holy crap to all the toys that have been left around the house. Well, I nipped that in the bud yesterday

My youngest son has like a collection of Thomas wooden train tracks and buildings. And,he just got some Thomas trackmaster sets for Christmas, notably the Zig Zag Zoom set which is huge. So we needed some decent storage for our little sucker. Granted, we went thru his toys and he (yes he himself) got rid of a bunch, there was still the need for some real decent organization in there.

I saw these cool canvas bins at Target earlier in the week and decided to go back yesterday and pick some up. They are deep, huge and have pullin straps too. I got the 18"x18"x18" for $19.99 and the 15"x15"x15" for $14.99. The bigger one holds all of his wooden train tracks and building including his round house which is big. There's still room. The smaller one holds the entire new Thomas Trackmaster set. Plus, with the wheels, they are super easy for him to move around on his own. You can even hook the handles together and pull both at the same time. Great size and good boy colors (solid blue and red).
I also picked up one of those hanging closet things with the canvas shelves..matching of course for $12.99. And, I plan on going back and getting 3 of the standard canvas bins for his bookcase (replacing some ivory colored ones just so everything matches in his room).
I know the price seems a little whacko, I mean $20 for a storage bin right? But, it's big and deep and what needs to fit in it, fits in it no problem. So, for us, money well spent. Our son's room looks so much better for the money spent. All of these can be found at Target in their "Home" section between the bedding and the furniture aisles.

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