Monday, July 21, 2008

Wickedly Winning

I am a big fan of the Wickedly Chic blog. Liz and the gang over there do a fantastic job. I am an even bigger fan of their giveaways..which I finally won one!!!! Yippie!!!!

I won these great earrings from Tasha Designs. They are called "Personality." The face beads are made from polymer clay and a local Etsy artist created them. Swarovski crystals and Sterling silver make up the rest, but those ladies are just darling. Sorry though, this pair is MINE but maybe you can contact Tasha Ryles if you want a pair. My 14 year old niece thought they were really cool looking..she likes the one of a kind/unusual kind of jewerly (I've recently introduced her to Etsy and she loves it).

I've been perusing Tasha's other items that are up for sale on her Etsy site and I must say they are really unique. I'm going to post some of the pieces that really catch my eye so you can see what else she has to offer.

Take a look at this fabulous green bracelet. She's got these green agate circles just surrounding these other beads along the piece. Only $34 for this one of a kind, conversation starter!

Now this necklace is a bit out of my reach (well no but my husband would kill me if I bought it lol) but I have never seen anything like it before. The focal glass piece is handmade and just has those swirls of color throughout. The pink beads of the necklace bring those colors out perfectly. $129 for this beauty..and again this is a definite conversation piece.

I know all these photos are larger than my usual, but you need to see the details in these pieces. Especially my personal "Personality."

I suggest perusing Tasha's site yourself to see if anything catches your eye!


Rosanne said...

I was so upset about not winning those earrings!! So I bought them from her and get comments every time I wear them! I call them my "Miss PersonaliTEE" earrings! Tasha Designs has a lot of great stuff!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you winning those earrings! You're so cute about it :)

Tasha Designs is great, thanks for sharing!