Friday, August 15, 2008

Beauty Around the Neck of the Beholder

You all probably don't know this, but I was an Art History major in college..yes and now I'm a stay at home mom with a blog. But, I still have my love of Art and when I find something that deals with Art, it tugs on my heart strings.

That's how I felt when I found Heart Works by Lori on Etsy. Lori makes these "Art Pendants" and they are just beautiful. She creates these wonderful works of art by incorporating her love of jewelry with her love of Art. Each pendant makes me feel like I'm in a museum. The miniaturized artworks are surrounded by intricate little "frames" that look just like the painting (of course only smaller). Completely sealed with glass to keep the lil masterpiece safe.

What really got me interested in Lori's shop is that she mentions on her Etsy store that she's done a collection of jewelry for the Boston Art Museum (they still have them up for sale on the museum's website and if you click on the link, it will take you to them). She made them for a special exhibition on the Spanish Masters. You can see how really well done the pieces are by the pictures I have here. These two pictures (Madonna by Cotan and Plate of Pears) are pieces that are being sold at the museum's store. Lori's been making Art Jewelry since 2007 and with this Boston Art Museum gig, I trust her work.

Lori makes plenty of other pieces as well. Like the one that I got called The Bird Has Flown. The artwork is a photograph done by an award-winning Etsy photographer named Irene Suchocki (she was featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition, very impressive). This is perfect for's a little melancholy yet liberating with the bird flying away from it's cage. The necklace is priced at $30 or you can go with it as an A La Carte pendant (although the "frame" is not as intricate) for $20.

And, there are still more Art some of the Masters...available on her Etsy store. Like this famous Klimt work, The Kiss and Starry Night by Van Gogh.

The Art Jewelry prices range from $26 to $75 and Lori has other pieces on her site that ranges from $12-$60. For me though, I just love these Art Works! Lori has a regular jewelry site that I've taken a peek at and even her non Art jewelry pieces are works of Art. I just love when I find a really unique jeweler. I have several "personal jewelers" now and Lori is one of them. I you trust me, then you'll be sure to find yourself a wonderful little piece of Art!


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The one you chose is absolutely gorgeous ! said...

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