Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lovely Rita..Not the Meter Maid

Ok, I know, bad Beatles reference there lol, but I like my catchy post titles!

It's Lovely Rita Wilcox! Or Aunt Rita as she's know to the owners of Rita Wilcox Jewelry and Accessories. There's all kinds of things that you can shop for on their site from their well known bags to clothing to jewelry. Most things can be personalized (embroidered personalization) such as the handbags and clothing.

I had the honor to try out one of their Quilted Tote bags. One of their more simpler styled bags but a very good bag indeed. The one I tried out is this one with the Pink stitching but there is also black w/black stitching and brown with orange stitching. I like the black with the Pink stitching, to me it's more classic. Now, I'm usually more of a "small purse" person. I have my messenger bag and I use that one mainly when I'm out w/the kids so I can bring extra Pull Ups and such (I just love potty training). So, back to the topic here...this is a bit bigger than what I usually use for a handbag. It's got on zippered pocket inside and is has a zippered closure. Surprisingly, even with all my crap, it carried very lightly. Whether on the shoulder or just handling it by its handles, it almost seemed like I had nothing in it at all. Usually I get weighed down by all my crap but not with this bag. Very easy to handle! The only thing I would have liked to have in this bag is a couple more pockets. Like one for my cell phone etc. Not on the outside because it would take away from the look, but on this inside. That's just my personal preference...it may not be yours. This bag sells for $38 and you have the option of personalization (initials) for $10 more. There is also a larger version of this bag that sells for $50 and is wider than this one.

Here's some examples of other handbags on the site. Like these messenger bags...hands free since you can sling them over the shoulder (which is what I do with mine). Normally $45, they are on sale for $20..hey ladies that's over 50% off! And, my mother in law would probably like this one, this Nautical straw tote ($49). It just screams take me to the beach.
There's plenty of nice handbags (and other things) on the Rita Wilcox site. You can even become a consultant and host a Rita Party!

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