Friday, February 5, 2010

Pondering an Empty Zip Loc Bag

Why you might ask am I pondering an empty zip loc bag? Because I ate all my marshmallows that were inside. Not just any marshmallows, I'm talking handmade cinnamon sugar marshmallows! These marshmallows are just that dam good! I just got my box yesterday and I downed about half then including the 3 sample ones I got and just ate the last one seconds before I started writing this post. Just look at those beauties! I have a recipe somewhere for homemade marshmallows and mine turn out like crap everytime. So I got the hankerin to try some off of Etsy and I'm very very very pleased with my purchase..or did you already figure that one out lol.

These came from Have It Confections on Etsy. Marshmallows are not the only product, they make caramels and nougats too. I'm just in love with their marshmallows...but if my husband catches me ordering more I will be in trouble.. (he's over here playing his Xbox so I gotta be sneaky). I paid $9 for 15 1 inch by 1 inch technically that's over 1 foot of sugary, sweety goodness! The other sweets must be just as fantastic because Have It Sweet Confections has over 3700 sales on Etsy! Whatever they are doing, I hope they keep it up cause they are doing it RIGHT! I plan on trying some caramels next and then maybe the chocolate swirl marshmallows and then maybe the Lemon Meringue or Toasted Coconut marshmallows but if you're a big fan of Products then feel free to let me know how you feel by getting me the $90 marshmallow of the month club :-) haha I wish.

Enjoy your sweets!