Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Waste Your Money Alert: Mega Bloks Halo Wars

It's been a long long long time since I had a "don't waste your money" post. This is one I need to pass on, especially to anyone with a son who loves Halo Wars.

My son wanted Santa to bring him a few of the new Halo Wars (what he thought was Lego) sets from Mega Bloks. So, Santa brought him three (all on sale haha). What a major disappointment. These sets are made after the vehicles from the popular Halo Wars video games. And, they look pretty cool. I just wish that Lego had created them instead of Mega Bloks. What a waste of time and money these sets are and I swear I shall never purchase another Mega Bloks product again.

I'm the one who usually puts these sets together...I actually enjoy it. But the Mega Bloks sets I hate. Whoever designed the bricks should be fired. There are so many elements of the sets that just don't go together well and constantly fall or pop off. The bricks don't click together easily like Lego products do. Every time I completed one part, another would pop off or come apart. It takes alot of pressure to get the bricks to connect with other bricks. If I had trouble getting these things together, imagine your kid. My son was so upset after I got one together, he'd try to play with it and it would keep coming apart. The only good parts to these sets are the little mini figures, nothing else. I think they glued the pieces together in these photos.

Now, granted, Mega Bloks sets cost alot less than Lego I know why. They are very cheaply made. I'd much rather pay the price for Lego. I know that Lego produces a quality product even though they cost more. I highly recommend, no matter how much your kid loves Halo, to avoid wasting your time and money on these Mega Bloks products. Get them some Halo Action Figures instead.


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1337W422102 said...

They are badly designed, the pieces don't fit together well, the stickers don't stick well and peel off (especially when placed over multiple pieces since the parts don't line up well), the QC is awful... The list of problems go on.

I agree that the figures are nice. They're the main reason I got a few of these sets (that and I'm a fan of the Halo Universe and I'm willing to put up with the horrible quality to get some fun mini-vehicles and tiny figures). Thing is, the figures' weapons are way too big. Just look at that shotgun. And some figures, like the Grunts, don't even have weapons at all! There are only 3 kinds of weapons in the 2009 series, and they all look awful. Heck, the Assault Rifle pictured on the box isn't included! Even with the early 2010 sets, there are still far too few different weapons and the Grunts are still unarmed.

There are troop-builder sets which just contain a few figures. Those might be more up your alley, but they're overpriced.