Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bara Naos Sugar Scrub: Treat Your Body Like a "Temple"

Bara Naos. Translated, it means "created temple." How did I get so smart you might ask? Because I read stuff on the websites whose products I try.

Bara Naos is also a line of bath and body products at TC and Company. I was privileged enough to receive and use their Shea Butter and Soy Sugar Scrub. The "C" of TC and Company is Cassandra Stanley and she wanted me to try their scrub and review it. I love sugar scrubs, so of course I agreed.

She sent me a full size jar in Brown Sugared Figs fragrance, and it smells exactly like the Bath & Body Works version. Right on the money.
It's a thick, creamy scrub that is loaded with good stuff. In addition to the sugar you get aloe vera, soy oil, shea butter, olive oil, avacado oil, jojoba, primrose oil, seaweed, green tea and more. I always like it when my scrubs have unique, natural ingredients. The sugar is a very very fine grain and even though you hardly notice it, it exfoliates really well.
And, because it's got all that great stuff in addition to the sugar, soy and shea get a real jolt of moisturization. It's always nice when you don't have to take the time to slather on that lotion because your scrub did it for you.
For an 8 ounce jar, it'll cost you $12.99. The jar and packaging are really top notch and what's inside the jar is even better.

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