Friday, March 7, 2008

Something Somewhere for Everybody

Jewelry is always a very personal choice. In my travels across the net, I've usually found something I like in just about every online Indie jewelry site. Whether it's earrings on one site or pendants on another..there's something somewhere for everybody. Here's some of my recent discoveries that I wouldn't mind having for myself ( birthday is coming and if any of my teachers are it volunteer appreciation week :-) )

Silver Dot Jewelry on Etsy is soo lucky..Judy Kaplan, the artist at Silver Dot was just recently featured on Good Morning America. I doubt that I can give her as good as publicity as GMA, but I can try. If you want to see the video, here's the link:

It features several of her pieces..but you won't see the same ones here on my blog. I want to show you some of my favorites from her site.

This necklace features Amethyst (one of my favorite stones) and Smokey Quartz briolettes on a Sterling Silver Chain. I've been becoming fond of the briolette stones and I like the trio of stones. $28.50 is all this one costs. I like how the purple of the Amethyst plays off against the darkness of that Smokey Quartz.

The other piece that I like from Judy's site is this pair of Rose Gold Vermeil earrings with the Smokey Quartz stones.

The pink of the rose gold vermeil is striking against the quartz. Alas, these are reserved for a specific buyer so you can't buy them for me. $17.50 for these lil beauties.

Don't forget, we have our own special code at Silver Dot. Check out the new Coupon Code section in the right hand sidebar. Thanks Judy!

Another Etsy store that caught my eye recently is Kimberly Monaco Designs. I periodically peruse the forums, especially the Promotions forum. Every Saturday evening there are the Saturday Night Specials. And this Man in the Moon Necklace was pictured and I just love it. It's simple yet it just makes a statement.

Just $28!

Another piece I found via perusing the Etsy forums is this glass pendant (limited edition) from Laura at Talisman. There was a post on the forum that she was having a sale because of the evil insurance companies (regarding her daughter) and I wanted to help out. I'm like you though, I can't afford to buy too much at one time..but I really liked her work and the "LOVE" series. I've gotton so many compliments from my teacher friends over at my school. I bought this one on sale so I cannot guarantee you will find one like this at the same price. She was just at a craft show recently so alot of listings were pulled so she could bring them to the show. I'm just fascinated by her work. The uniques melding of colors in the glass is just beautiful. The photo really doesn't do it justice.

The one thing I can recommend is that you do a search thru the jewelry categories at Etsy. You can basically find anything and everything there. I love the unique designs that I find there. If I was only rich!!!!

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