Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thank You My Indie Friends!

Last night was my PTO's second and last Bingo Night of the year. Yes, I'm thankful that it is all done and that everything went great. I need to thank alot of my Indie Etailer friends that donated some wonderful pieces of their work as prizes for our Bingo Night. I truly appreciate their generosity and just want to give them a what they deserve, a huge THANKS!

Pam over at Women for Hope, sent me a beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet (like the one seen here). Now, this site holds a special place in my heart as I lost my Mom to breast cancer back in 1994. They donate at least 10% of the proceeds to the charities they work with. Women for Hope has a great variety of wonderful items and remember, it is for a good cause. Not just breast cancer but for a huge amount of things. Go and check them out!

Alyssa at Vintage Body Spa also donated to my Bingo Night. She sent me so much including 3 Wake Up sugar scrubs, lotion, lip balm and more. Someone won the huge basket (the grand prize) and I had her stuff in there. Luckily, I know the winner well (she's on the PTO) so I hope she really enjoys Alyssa's work! I have a couple of items too and I plan on getting to them stay tuned for a Vintage Body Spa review in the near future!

I also need to thank my good friend Susan over at Manor Hall Soap Company! She put together a wonderful gift basket of Lavender/Rose products including soaps, bath salts and more. It was such a great prize and quite a few people came up to ask me about it. Remember, all of Manor Halls products are ALL NATURAL!

Kim over at Yndigo Designs sent me a very nice pair of earrings. They also went in my Grand Prize Basket! She is a VP at her PTO, so she knows what I'm going thru lol. I truly appreciate the donation..and she knows it. I couldn't find a photo of the exact pair that she sent (probably one of a kind :-) ) but here's an example of her fine work!

Dawn, from Elements By Dawn, sent me two beautiful pieces of jewelry..well 3 actually. One was a pink crystals heart necklace and the other was an earring & necklace set with this beautiful floral design and purple crystals. Of course, I didn't take a picture of the dork I am..but here's some of Dawn's work.
So, again, THANK YOU all for helping me out and making Bingo Night a success! I couldn't have done it without all of you!

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