Friday, February 22, 2008

ClipChic for the Hip Chick

I have never had a purse clip. I have seen them but just never tried one myself. Then, Anne, from Stylagio contacted me about her ClipChics. I took a look at her site, which is really cool and thought ok, I can try this.

I actually thought that every purse clip I had seen (and I looked at others) looked kinda flimsy. But, it says on the site that the ClipChics can hold up to nine pounds.

So, Anne sent me one of her clips. These retail for $19.95 on the site. It came in this nice black box and it's own stylish little black velvet bag inside the box. I like that because I can keep the clip in its bag in my purse so it doesn't get scratched or anything. Plus, it's small. The ClipChic's clip is jointed so it wraps around the top piece and stays flat. So far so good, Me like!

But, time for a field test. We went out for Valentine's day dinner and I thought perfect. So I unrolled my ClipChic and got things hooked up. You will think this is a dainty little thing that won't ever hold your purse or it'll fall off the table. Well, once your purse is hanging on the ClipChic, that clip holds like glue to the table. It would not move an inch until I took my purse off of it. Pretty strong for such a little dainty looking thing. I was impressed.

The only thing is, and I'm sure this probably goes for others too, is that the table has to be slanting edges or anything. I tried it on my kitchen table, but my kitchen table has slanted edges and I couldn't get it to work. But, 99% of restaurant tables or food court tables are not slant edged so I don't perceive that as an issue.

I like the ClipChic, it's strong, reasonably priced and comes in several colors. Mine is blue (as seen in the top picture). If you eat out alot, I would recommend getting one. Not only is your purse kept clean (mine used to always fall off my chair) but it's not an easy target for thieves.

Anne has graciously given my readers a coupon code for 20% off!! Use the code "POTD20", no minimum purchase required!! Thanks Anne!

So, go check out Stylagio and the ClipChics. It's something that any woman who is constantly on the go really should have!

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