Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Face to Face and Cheek to Cheek

For the last week or so, I've been washing my face with a butt. Not just any ordinary butt, but a very sculpted and beautiful butt. [SIGH] if only my butt looked like the one I'm washing my face with.

No, your favorite blogger is not going wacky on you. I've been using my new soap from Artizan Soap!

Since my last review on soap (which included soaps I wanted to try...including Artizan Soap), I received an email from Kateh at Artizan Soap wanting to know if I wanted to try one of her soaps. I was more than happy too, as the soaps on her site really intrique me....They are more or less adult themed soaps but in a very artistic sort of way. There are some "hands" and "feet" and even some dog soaps..but the rest are for the 18 and over crowd.

The soap Kateh sent me is one from her Signature Collection. It's the "Isis" soap which I have pictured here. This is a facial soap loaded with natural goodies like oatmeal (nice touch for some light exfoliation), olive oil, buttermilk, honey, wheat germ oil and lavender essential oil. It has a pleasant scent with the lavender that is not overwhelming. It doesn't have that "soap" like scent that store brands do. It's dotted with the oatmeal throughout and it has a pleasant ivory/honey color to it. And, believe it or not, it's a really great size and shape for washing your face. The curves of the "butt" (it is molded after a ancient sculpture of the goddess) hug the curves of your face. Plus it's flat on the back if you just wanna use that side on your flat parts (um, cheeks and forehead ring a bell!). Another plus is that the Isis soap did not leave my face feeling dry. This has always been a reason I have never used soap to wash my face. In the past (we're talking years now) I had used soap and it just made my face dry. The Artizan Soap did not! All in all a really good soap. I am most pleased with the Goddess!

Now when you goto Artizan Soap you'll see that there are many different styles. All of them come in their own particular scent. However, you can get your own soap custom made with shape, scent and additive (like oatmeal, pink clay, pumice, seaweed etc) for $16. The other soaps are around $12. You're paying for a really good soap and some fantastic sculpture to boot.

Definitely a conversation piece and not for the strict conservatives! What's really neat is that if you know someone getting married you can order some naughty soap for the Bachelor party or the Bachelorette party (there's even a soap that is all breast meat baby!). A very different take on the party favor.

So go ahead, you know you wanna look. Even if you're telling I'm not looking at these will, I know you will!!!!! Artizan Soap....go ahead and take a peek!

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