Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jewels By Jessica: From Vintage Comes Cool Jewels

I came across a new jewelry etailer through The Switchboards called Jewels by Jessica, and this stuff is really unique. Jessica, who is from Greece, takes Vintage items and turns them into jewelry box treasures. She uses such items as Vintage beads, plastic flowers, cameos, filigree and more. Each piece just looks so unique and cool. I've seen Vintage stuff before but this is chic and funky at the same time.

Take this bracelet..please before I buy it! She uses these Vintage plastic flowers and set them on a bronze bracelet. It's so bright and lighthearted and only $25.

These earrings play a bit more on the feminine side. You've got Vintage glass beads combined with these Vintage Celluloid flower clusters. And, you can even choose between pink or these turqoise beads. These run for $28.

Then there's her necklaces and pendants. I'm kind of a sucker for Cameos, probably because I don't own one. I always seem to want what I don't have....typical. She uses this Resin cameo with Vintage filligree and glass beads. Now, I don't want Flamingos on my lawn but I would not mind in the least having these Flamingos around my neck. This one costs $38.
The necklaces and pendants run from $18 on up to $68 depending on the Vintage items used. Bracelets from about $25 to $48. There are also earrings and rings as well as pins on her site.
Very unique and fascinating pieces. You'll find the feminine to the funky at Jewels by Jessica.

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