Monday, October 29, 2007

Juniper Tree Naturally: Bath Gelatos

In the September Little Black Box I had a coupon to Juniper Tree Naturally for BOGO on their Bath Gelatos. BOGO!...How could I resist that. You know me by now..always looking for a good deal.
I love Bath Bombs (which are what these are) because they just smell so darn good in the tub. Usually they're made of Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda to you all) that gives them the "fizz", citric acid, coloring and fragrance. Juniper Tree goes a little further by adding not only Shea Butter but also Coconut Oil to these Gelatos. I can attest to the fact that you will leave that tub and not even need any lotion. Your skin will be well taken care of.
The fragrance selection is really nice. There's 29 different fragrances to choose from. I got Pink Grapefruit & Sugar Cane, Night Cap, Strawberry Cotton Candy and a few others. This is a very large bath bomb and the cost is only $4. I've seen bath bombs of this size go for up to $6. Plus I had the BOGO coupon so I got a bunch. Very nice!
I had also gotten a sample of their lip balm in my LBB and let me tell is really really good. Now, I have alot of lip balms on hand right now and this one (which is all gone now sniffle) just went on smoothly. I didn't have to reapply as often as I usually do. The flavor I got was Chocolate Butter Cream and it was fantastic. The Lip Balms at Juniper Tree sell for $2.75 which is about an average price from what I've seen for online lip balm.
I do highly recommend the Bath Gelatos. Make sure you have some of those magic erasers..they work wonders at getting the residue off your tub when you're done.

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