Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love is In the Air...so SHOP

Since I had a Christmas shopping guide, I thought I'd give Valentine's Day a shot. I've gotten alot of responses and found quite a few interesting things myself. If you're looking for something a little different this year then this is the place to look! Here's what I have for you including photos and links for your shopping convienience.

Crazy Dreams Studio, who's rings I covet, has some really cute Valentine's Day themed rings. And, for my readers, you can get a 15% discount thru March 31st by using the code "BE MINE" at checkout. This adorable double heart ring is $24.

Two Sisters Jewelry Boutique is having a sale. Get 15% off with the code "VALENTINE". This romantic necklace called Rosie is $45, plus you get 15% off.

Art By Mags has these great LOVE clocks. They're made from old Vinyl records and the designs are stenciled on. A unique V-day gift and its all recycled materials!! This Pink and White clock (there's also a red one) is $40.

At The Pear Project, you'll find all kinds of unique V-day gifts. Plus you get 10% off with the code "GRND". There's jewelry, handbags, postcards, greeting cards and more. I like this Fallen Heart necklace, only $20.

My Favorite Mirror has plenty of V-day themed mirrors and coasters. Since my youngest son is a HUGE train fan, this one is my favorite. The mirrors are $6.50 and coasters are $16. There's mousepads too for $14.

Ok, this one is a little bit more expensive, but I LOVE THIS DEVIL!!! Fluffels has this Love Devil which is just the best thing ever. You can even get his tail monogrammed. He will run you $54 US but he's worth it. Come on now, admit it..you want one! I Do!!!!!

Mindy's Embroidery on Etsy has this outrageous Pooping Cupid!!!! It's hysterical. Great for a kids gift. And, at only $4.50 with 80 cents shipping, this is a great gift at a great price.

For those of you who may be sick of Valentines Day, Rotem Gear has some great Anti-Valentines t-shirts. Prices start at $22.99 and up..there's even mugs and cards. I like this No Cupids one.

I love Etsy. There's just so many one of a kind finds there. I like this I Luv U Hedge Hog purse at Bam Designs. It's just too cute and only $10. The listing says that she'll personalize it too if you want. There's also a Bunny love purse too.

That's all for today..it's getting late and I need my beauty sleep. I'm sure I'll find some more to post so you'll just have to wait.


Kirsten said...

Hey, Jen! Thanks so much for posting about my rings!

MFM Kellee said...

Hey there! Thanks for posting about our mirrors and coasters. Just wanted to say that the mirrors are actually just $6.50. Mousepads are $14!

THANKS! I love the post, will be shopping from your blog for sure!

mags said...

Thanks for the plug!