Friday, January 4, 2008

I Had an Indie Christmas

My husband has never been the greatest gift giver. I have to be very very specific or else...well you know :-)
So I basically did all the shopping for him. I wanted a Messenger Bag, an Apron and some bath and body stuff. I went shopping on Etsy and gave him several choices for the Bag and the Apron..that way I would be sure to get what I want but still be surprised on what he picked out.

Here's the apron he bought me. It's a full apron from Total Table Envy. It's called Tea Time. The front is this polka dot fabric with a blue background with white dots. The reverse side, the ties, the pocket and the really nice pleating at the bottom are all in this blue/white tea pot pattern. I love it. It's so feminine and so very well designed and sewn. The price was $29 plus $3 shipping. There's a pretty good selection from polka dots to paisley to flowers. It's a good quality apron that I wouldn't find in the local Target. Plus the fabrics just work so well together.

I've been dying for a messenger bag for awhile. So I did alot of looking on Etsy to find a really interesting pattern and what looked like solid quality craftsmanship. Cause you know I'm all about good quality stuff. My husband chose this one from the Ophelia Miller shop on Etsy. He got this one because the colors matched the Old Navy Peacoat I always wear in the winter. I don't know how I got along without this Messenger Bag. All these years of fumbling for my purse on my shoulder or having it fall off when I'm trying to put the kids in the car. This gives me complete freedome for my hands, plus I don't have to go unzipping things. There's 3 good sized pockets inside for little stuff like your cell phone etc. The Main compartment I use for my wallet but when I have to go out with my little one, it will also hold a couple of diapers and a small package of wipes with no problems. It also has a zippered compartment on the outside/front that I put my gum, receipts etc in. With all that stuff in there, it still lies flat. I just love the colors and the patterns and it has a nice adjustable shoulder strap. This bag is put together really strong, no worries about this one coming apart. Excellent work! This bag cost $38.50 plus $6.50 shipping. This has already paid for itself in my opinion, just in the last week or so.

It's nice to get exactly what you wanted for Christmas isn't it? I love my new things and am thankful that my husband followed my directions lol.I hope your Christmas was just as nice!

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