Friday, July 27, 2007

All We Need is Soap Soap....Soap is All We Need

I have been inundated with soaps! I have more soaps than probably most people and that's ok. I like soap..soap is good. Soap gets you clean. Ok, so I'm more of a body wash person..but that's ok..I still use soap and so does my husband so we go through quite a bit. Plus, with all the choices out there, you just can't go wrong. You can buy a soap online in just about any shape, size, scent etc. The best thing is that these soaps are handmade and in most cases, all natural. You can't get that on the shelf at Target or the grocery store..well maybe Ivory soap but not a heck of a lot of the others.

I've gotten alot of soaps via all the sampler boxes I have purchased in addition to all the freebies with pruchase. I now have two baskets full of soap and they are slowly going down, slowly. The important thing to note is that you want a soap that is going to be good for your skin..because as a good friend of mine says "what goes on the skin goes in the skin", which means what you put on your body gets absorbed and goes into your body. That includes the soap you use. You don't want to dump any more chemicals etc into your body. Plus, isn't is nice to just have a bar of soap in just about any scent you could imagine?

First I'm going to discuss soaps that I have used personally. Then I'm going to show you some unique soaps that I have found but have not tried (I will though..someday when my baskets empty out).

First the soaps I have tried. This spans quite a lot of soap...including one of my original favorites, Two Rivers Soaps, whom I have devoted it's own post to a long time ago. You can also read my Inside Indie interview with Jennifer of Two Rivers Soaps to find out more. This is her Energy soap which is a lovely citrus soap that my husband loves.

Another wonderful soap maker is Susan Mann of Manor Hall Soap Company. Susan actually found me and I was more than happy to try out her products. She sent me quite a few of her soaps. My husband's been using some and I have as well. What wonderful soaps. All natural I might add as are all of her products. Here's the ingredients of the bar that I just finished up called Almost Sunset: Saponified oils of olive, coconut and palm. With added organic jojoba oil, and essential blend including patchouli, ylang and lemongrass. Shake of paprika for color. Rosemary OE (natural preservative). Like I said all natural. It smelled really nice, not overpowering. And, it has such a unique color from the use of the paprika. I'm looking forward to trying her Ooh La Lavender soap next. Plus you'll love the names of Susan's soaps..they're really catchy and original.

Another fantastic bar of soap is Bidwell Botanicals Limoncello soap. The smell is absolutely fantastic and it really is a HUGE bar of soap. Made of palm oil, organic olive oil, shea butter and Italian Lemon Peel. You will not forget this soap easily. Man, it just smells so darn good mmmm.

Another etailer that recently found me also makes all natural soaps. Frost Fish Cove Soaps up in Maine has a variety of soap scents in all kinds of fancy shapes. The one Tory sent me is a Basil Lime soap in a swirl/scroll like pattern. Very pretty soap and even though the fragrance combination sounds strange, it is actually very pleasant. All of her soaps are made with natural oils and natures own fragrances. There's real basil in my soap by GUM! She even makes a "Yeast Defense" soap that is supposed to help prevent yeast infections with know I really wanna try this one out!!!

Recently I bought some lip balms from Paradise Cosmetics and she sent me the cutest little Flip Flop soaps as a freebie. Well, since I have a Luau birthday party for my youngest, I had to have these as favors. Very very cute, very reasonably priced and very very fast turnaround!! I was so happy, I ordered about 20 of these in a wonderful Tropical Fragrance and in blue and they cost 25 cents each all packaged up. My party guest were very happy to get such a cute favor. Here's the ingredients: Made with 100% Certified Organic Palm Oil, 100% Certified Organic Coconut Oil and Vegetable Glycerin! and of course the fragrance. I'm showing you a photo of her hibiscus shape but you can get the flip flops, a palm tree and other shapes too.

Most of these soaps ranges in price from $4-$6 per bar. This seems to be the average price range. Don't forget you are getting advantages with these homemade soaps as opposed to say Zest or Dial. Most or all of the ingredients are natural and they don't dry your skin out. Two very important pieces of information.

Ok here's a couple of sites I have found that sell really really cool looking soaps. The fragrance descriptions sound really good and as soon as I use up a bunch more soaps in my baskets..I really want to buy some.

The first is Artizan Soap. Now, this is an "adult" soap site. What do I mean by that? Well, lets just say you can buy a breast soap for your man complete with nipple. Or if you're feeling up to it..there's even private part soaps. The fragrances are all aromatherapy style and each soap has it's personal fragrance or you can have one custom made in the shape and scent you want. Soaps here range from $12-16 per soap. You won't find this soap at Target and certainly not at Walmart lol.
Then, there's a site I found out about on Makeup Alley..Sister Agnes Soaps These soaps are made in the slice style but what really amazes me is how they get these shapes and designs. They are really fantastical and amazing. You really have to visit the site and see some of these for yourself. I'm only able to put a couple of pictures here for you but trust me there's alot more to see. The fragrances sound wonderful. The price per slice of soap is $8 though..a little pricey but the artwork is worth it at least once. The tough part is making the decision.
So, there's a lot of soap out there. This doesn't even cover a tiny bit of the amount of etailers that sell soap. You have alot of choices trust me!

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Wow, thanks for describing all of these soaps. Now it's just a matter of narrowing it down to one e-tailer!